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PyCoder  v.0.2 Alpha

pyCoder is a advanced cross-platform editor. An advanced open-source cross-platform source code editor for Mircrosoft Windows and UNIX-based systems. Includes syntax higlighting, folding, project management and adavnced file format work.

WordRad  v.2.8.0

This strong but easy to use program enables users to apply different textures to the background, text, and images of documents, which can then most notably be converted by WordRad into Web pages of striking and unusual visual impact.


FoxEditor  v.

FoxEditor is a no tabbed, text, HTML and programming editor for Windows XP. It supports syntax highlighting, encrypting, HTML tags inserting, themes and multi-language, auto-completing, running programs and all installed encodings. FoxEditor - its a

EasyScriptBuilder  v.0.1.5 Beta

Tool specialized in writing scripts. EasyScriptBuilder (ESB) is a standalone software that would highlight known cubescript commands. It is a stand-alone software that allows commands to be highlighted in blue, in green,

HTML Notepad  v.1.2

HTML Notepad is a free HTML editor, has one clean and handy interface, supports syntax highlighting, word-wrap and multi-file tab pages, a rich editing environment,

Geany  v.1.22

Text editor using the GTK2 toolkit. GGeany is a text editor using the GTK2 toolkit with basic features of an integrated development environment. It was developed to provide a small and fast IDE, which has only a few dependencies from other packages.

JTail  v.0.3

View your files with this tool. JTailPlus is a lightweight multiplatform file reader. It supports huge files and allow line coloration.Requirements: *

JTextPad  v.20-Dec-2010

Yet another small text editor. Text Editor developed in Java for languages like Java,C,C++ or plain text editing. It Leverages Many Features Like Compiling and executing Java and CPP programs..To run the project from the command line,

The CodeAssistor Editor  v.0.0.8 Final

Edit your source code with this tool.

UltraEdit Portable  v.

UltraEdit Portable it Portable version for the latest UltraEdit, A text, hex, XML, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, and programmer's editor.

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