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CountTXT  v.1.6.67

Easily count lines in text files. countTXT allows you to count the number of lines in .txt files. An example of a .txt file is a file named "Customers.txt" where you might have a listing of customer names, one on each line.

Ryll Note  v.1.0

Ryll Note can be used to make edit and write basic text, a lightweight and simple text editor. It features a simple interface with easy controls and menus.Requirements: * .NET


Letterpress  v.0.5a

Edit your texts with this tool.

Sublime Text  v.2.0.1 Build 2217

Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, html and prose. You'll love the slick user interface and extraordinary features.1. Sublime User Interface Slick, Fast, No Interferences: The way text editing is meant to be.2. Minimap See your

DMcsvEditor  v.2.9

DMcsvEditor is a CSV (Comma Separated Values) editor. It helps you edit, delete, add and modify records. DMcsvEditor Features: 1. CSV (Comma Separated Values) editor 2. Comma & semicolon separated files read 3. Comma separated files save as 4. X)HTML

InScribe TxT Editor  v.1.0

Java-based text editor. inScribe TxT Editor is a simple text editor which has basic functions like creating, modifying and saving text.Users are requested to be careful as there is no warning system to notify users on file modification. However,

Satra Khmer  v.

Satra Khmer is a basic text-editing software and it's most commonly used to view or edit text files. You can use Sata software with Satra documents. Satra document is a file type typically identified by .sdoc file name extension.

OneCodeViewer  v. Beta

View and edit your source files with this program. OneCodeViewer help users review most popular source code files. It currently supports XML, HTML, Borland Pascal, C#, SQL, PHP, CSS and C++ files.

PyCoder  v.0.2 Alpha

pyCoder is a advanced cross-platform editor. An advanced open-source cross-platform source code editor for Mircrosoft Windows and UNIX-based systems. Includes syntax higlighting, folding, project management and adavnced file format work.

WordRad  v.2.8.0

This strong but easy to use program enables users to apply different textures to the background, text, and images of documents, which can then most notably be converted by WordRad into Web pages of striking and unusual visual impact.

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