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Creative Word  v.1.0

Edit your documents with this tool. Creative Word is a Powerful Word Processor Developed in Visual Basic.NET. Edit and Create Rich Text Documents and Plain Text Documents.Features: 1. Create and Edit Rich Text Documents 2. Create and Edit Plain Text

Gusek  v.0.2.12

Gusek is a SciTE editor to help you with your work, provide an open source LP/MILP IDE for Win32, packing a custom version of the SciTE editor linked to the GLPK standalone solver.GUSEK can open multiple files simultaneously,


QuickEditor  v.4.0.4437.16398

QuickEditor is a free, small and facile notepad which is always ready for your input. If you do not need QuickEditor, it will hide itself in the left "screen-frame" and will stay there until you move your mouse-cursor to the left side of your screen.

F Notepad  v.1.1.0

F Notepad is advanced text editor. A advanced text editor made for .Net Framework 4. A small but useful text editor with a simple interface and very easy-to-use. It allows you to open and edit multiple documents at the same time.

Thextedit  v.0.1.0

Character sets encoding based text editor. thextedit is a simple text editor focused on character sets encoding. It can be useful to analyze the binary data of text allowing to experiment with codecs (character set encoding), BOM (Byte Order Mark),

GLeDitor  v.

GLeDitor is a small programmer's editor whith syntax highlight, extended search features, beautiful icons and colors. The programming language is object pascal (delphi/win32 and lazarus/linux).This software will enable you to write your C++, C#,

PG Auto Pro Software  v.DEC.2012

Full Featured Car Dealer Inventory Software - PG Auto Pro. This Software Solution will meet the requirements of Private Auto Dealers, Auto Dealership Companies and other Enterprises selling Vehicles.

HexMe  v.1.0

HexMe is a small, simple hex editor, offer users a straight forward hex editor. Basically a hex editor is the software that allows a user to manipulate the fundamental binary (0 / 1,

XF Designer  v.9.0.0 Build 3140

Visual XSL-FO Editor and Layout Designer for XML data. XF Designer is a user-friendly, easy to learn layout editor that handles with ease all the complex parameters required for professional publishing.

Lightning Text Editor  v.

Another small and simple text editor. Lightning is a text editor written in MFC C++ that can open many different files, including Text, HTML, C++, Visual Basic, C#,

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