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LUA Editor  v.0.8 Beta

LUA Editor help you edit your LUA files. A strong, lightweight, embeddable scripting language designed to combine simple procedural syntax with strong data description constructs based on associative arrays and extensible semantics.

NotepadTabs  v.2.5.8

NotepadTabs is Tabbed view of multiple text files. View multiple text files in a single notepad. Easily switch from one file to another through tabs at the top of the frame. Features: Different from classic notepad, Notepad Tabs gives the freedom to


TypeWriter  v.2.0

TypeWriter is a open source dot.NET editor. its a light weight, widely functional, and ultra efficient text editor.TypeWriter Features: 1. A rich text editor 2. Plugins / Widget / Extension System. 3. Enable what you need or want. 4. Import / Export

Placer Search and Replacer  v.

Placer is a search-and-replace tool for editors, designers, programmers and information workers. If you need to find or replace text in a collection of documents or a single document reliably, you can make use of Placer.

BDV Notepad  v.5.2

This word processing software works with files of any size, and supports shortcuts, multi-level undo and redo, auto-saving, URL auto-detection, auto-replacement and a multi-language interface. It is comfortable text editor,

Notepad.NET  v.0.7 Build 219 Rev 1229

Notepad.NET is a text editor similar to Notepad, but with a twist of modern windows eye-candy. It'll support plugins and multiple formats like PDF. Its written in C#, as a revival of my old VB.NET software of the same name.Notepad.NET Features: 1.

Jegas Edit  v.0.67

Jegas Edit is a developer s text and source code editor that does syntax colored highlighting, code folding, compiling, executing, opening files in your default browser, and is highly configurable...

Text Tree  v.1.1

Text Tree is a unique outline based text editor. It can be used for quick creation of FAQs, lesson plans, outlines, biographies, and much more. I wrote it because I needed a software to help design documents the way I think.

Notes  v.

Notes is a small text editor with encrypting abilities, help you edit your texts. This app also enables users to encrypt their text in order to ensure their privacy.

NoteFast  v.

NoteFast is a very fast and easy to use text editor. It is simple and impactful. It has a default text file which can be used any time. Or you can open other text files to edit.

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