Battery Status Monitoring


Battery Status Gadget  v.1.1

Battery Status Gadget is a simple gadget to view you current battery status A new small, innovative sidebar gadget that will display your current battery status.With the functionality of this gadget also offers no innovation. It indicates whether the ...

Battery Status Freeware  v.1.0

Battery Status is a small freeware to show Battery Status. Battery Status display your battery status on your desktop.


Battery Status  v.

BatteryStatus for Windows Phone 8 shows the current battery percentage on a Live Tile and shows the battery usage on a graph.

***This is an update of the WP7 app to make it compatible with Windows Phone 8. A new version that makes use of the ...

Battery Monitoring - For Laptop  v.1 12

Laptop battery monitoring. Alert if battery is low. Show the battery status of remaining. You are free to download it.

Sofodroid Battery Level  v.1.0.1

Sofodroid Battery Level provides the battery level status in Percentage.It also predicts the time in which the Battery will fully charge/discharge.This makes it easier to determine how much battery and time is exactly left. The various features of battery ...

Battery Monitor Service  v.

Check your battery status with this tool. Battery Monitor Service is a fully interactive Service which will not only issue prompts when the laptop battery is both 100% charged and only 10% charged, but also if the power cycle in incorrect, ie if mains ...

001Micron Website Monitoring Utility

Real time website status monitoring tool continuously monitors current performance of websites and support major servers including HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP. software regularly checks ping status of various websites and web based application.

Windows 7 Battery Bar  v.1.0

Show Battery Status in Windows 7 Taskbar.Windows 7 Battery Bar is a free tiny portable tool that monitors the status of your battery and displays it in the taskbar.To customize the settings click on the the Battery icon in the system tray. You can change ...

Power Status  v.1.1

Power Status is a sidebar gadget to view your current battery status and power profile. This gadget includes the features of the normal battery status Gadgets the possibility of the current power profile to switch quickly. There have also been minor changes ...

Portable Battery Life  v. Pre-Alpha

Check out your battery status with this simple tool. Battery Life is a very small and simple software that gives you time remaining to charge or discharge your battery (even if windows cannot).The final goal is to have an accurate timer that will tell ...

Battery Life Freeware  v. Beta 2

Check out your battery status with this software. Battery Life give you time remaining to charge or discharge your battery.
The final goal of the project is to have a high accuracy timer that can tell you how much time you have until your computer ...

Mac OS X Update (Ethernet and Battery Patch)  v.10.2.8

(Build 6R73) includes an updated ethernet driver for 450MHz and 500MHz dual processor Power Mac G4 desktop systems and an update to the battery status menu. Apple. Apple designs and creates iPod and iTunes, Mac laptop and desktop computers, the OS X operating ...

MightyMonitor Bluetooth Battery Monitor  v.3.1

MightyMonitor is a dashboard widget for Leopard and Snow Leopard that shows you the battery status of Apple Bluetooth wireless devices, including the Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad, and brushed aluminum wireless keyboard. The widget changes color to warn ...

IpPulse  v.1 70

ipPulse™ is a Connectivity and Device Status Monitoring Tool. Use ipPulse to monitor the status of IPv4 connected devices (computers, routers, switches, printers) on any IPv4 connected network. ipPulse can use one or two tests including ping, TCP Port ...


Use this Server to get a Network - Status monitoring in your PLC for alarm-generation or something else. The Server is watching your network over ICMP (Ping) or SNMP. Now, you can watch also your applications.

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