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Zoomtc  v.3.1

Zoom pictures in batches. Zoomtc can batch zoom picture and photograph files. A simple and practical tool. It is an open-sourced, Python based , cross-platform picture batch zoom application.

Zeta Scheduler  v.

Zeta Scheduler (ZS) is an software that helps you in starting tasks at predefined times and with various dependencies. In contrast to the Windows Task Scheduler, ZS has more/other features that makes it more flexible,

Yakamoz  v.1.0 Beta

Yakamoz is automation software. Control your computer using TV remote control. With Yakamoz and an IR receiver (IgorPlug-USB) you can control your computer with almost any infrared remote control (e.g. a TV remote control).

Yahsmosis  v.0.7.16 Build 88

Yahoo! Chat client (written in Autoit3). Yahsmosis is an unofficial Yahoo! Chat client that aims to provide a working source-code and functionality to the AutoIt community and other users with a variety of features.Yahsmosis Features: 1. User Groups

YACTE  v.1.5.4007.42238 Alpha

YACTE (Yet Another Console Text Editor) is a console text editor software built in Visual Studio 2010,

Yabet  v.0.1

Yabet is yet another blog editor tool, supports many blogs formats. It is very useful for crossposting, allows easily to make posts to your blogs.Yabet Features: 1. support any possible blog formats (such as simple html, bbcodes, wiki). If there is

XPCoolMove  v.1.0

Xp cool move is a small utility to enable drag drop of taskbar/ tray items in windows 2000/XP/Vista. XP coolmove is small utility to bypass an obvious limitation in XP.

XMLArsenal  v.1.0

XMLArsenal is a free, open-source, extensible Armory for "World of Warcraft"-emulators like Mangos, Trinity, Ascent and Hearthstone/Aspire.

XLS2CSV Converter  v.

XLS2CSV Converter is a useful software to convert a batch of XLS files to CSV files. XLS2CSV Converter is a freeware software to convert a batch of XLS files to CSV files. Auto-it and .

XChat-WDK  v.1508-3

XChat-WDK is a free build of XChat for Windows.. XChat-WDK patchset for XChat. XChat is an IRC chat program. It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc.

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