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Codefunk XML Editor  v.Release 1

Edit your XML files fast and easy. codefunk XML Editor is an software that allows a user to edit XML files in a much more user friendly way than trawling through XML code in a text editor.codefunk XML Editor Features: 1. Open an XML file and it will

Cahoots  v.1.0.0 Beta

Collaborative Open Source Crossplatform Text Editor. This repository is for Cahoots, the senior project for Pepperdine University's Computer Science class of 2010. It is currently in beta.Cahoots Features: 1. Collaborative editing for documents 2.


ZeroOne  v.1.0

ZeroOne is the editor for programmers who think in binary. Only two buttons are needed for input - Zero and One. So the editor is called ZeroOne, or 'zo' for short. If it helps,

MapForce Professional Edition  v.2011

Altova MapForce Professional Edition is a graphical data mapping tool for transforming between XML, database, and flat file formats. This award-winning,

Kephra  v.0.4.3

Kephra is a easy-to-use text editing tool. Kephra is aimed to create the Text Editor you ever wished to use for writing, coding, scripting etc. A piece of program that covers all your needs and looks like and behaves like you want it.

Text file Filter and Formatter  v.2.1

Reformat text files with the help of this tool. Reformat text files or generate ordered lists of words. Filters and formats .txt or .xml files, with options that can be run in user-specified sequences.Text file Filter and Formatter Features: 1.

Trim File  v.3

Remove trailing spaces and tabs from plain text files. TrimFile is a Java console software to remove trailing white space (blanks or tabs) from the end of each line in a plain text file.

XMarkup  v.3.0

xMarkup is a text transformation utility for processing of a set of text files. The transformations performed by utility can be extremely complicated comparing to ordinal search&replace procedures.Actually the utility uses a procedural language,

DForD TeXCoding  v.2010.10

DForD TeXCoding is a professional development environment for TeX/ LaTeX. DForD TeXCoding is a full featured IDE which is aimed to create TeX or LaTeX document. DO NOT, however, mistake DForD TeXCoding itself as a TeX system!

Gedit for Windows  v.2.29.4

gedit is the official text editor of the GNOME desktop environment. gedit for Windows is the gedit download for all Windows platforms.While aiming at simplicity and ease of use, gedit is a strong general purpose text editor. Currently gedit for

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