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Foobar2000 remote  v.

Control your foobar2000 player from everywhere via WiFi or mobile network. This application requires foobar2000 with foo_httpcontrol ( to be installed on the remote computer. Moreover the

CloudNotes  v.

A simple and quick to use notes application with the cloud power of DropBox to save all of your notes online. The trial version is the complete application with advertising. Purchasing the application will remove the ads. - Outlook like list


SAT together  v.

For a limited time 50% off. • The easiest, funnest way to master vocabulary • Teaches you absolutely essential 600 SAT vocabulary. Don't waste time and energy studying thousands of words you will never be tested on • Words, definitions, part

Goals  v.

This application will help you to track your goals. Each goal can contain steps (without any dates and calendars). A goal progress is based on completed steps. A goal is achived when all steps are completed or a goal has no active steps. Goals

Wind Speed Calculator  v.

You want to go surfing, kite-surfing, sailing or just want to know how much wind is? Do you have the problem that you do not know how much wind is, when for example the forecast gives values in mph? With Wind Speed Calculator you can quickly convert

Decibel Meter Pro  v.

Ever wonder how loud a particular sound really is? Or maybe you are afraid that the noise around you will damage your hearing? Well, now you can check the sound level in your surroundings using your phone with Decibel Meter application!

Large Contacts  v.

No more having to use your reading glasses just to send a text message, or call a friend! Large Contacts displays your contact list in a much larger font, making it much easier to read, and increases accessibility. Not only does it show you your

Night Stand Clock Christmas Edition  v.

Night Stand Clock Christmas Edition transforms your Phone into a most beautiflul home and away smart clock. This is a special Christmas edition of our product. This is the best designed clock in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

QR Code Wiz  v.

Scan and decode QR codes. Create nice looking QR codes that can be decoded by any [decent] reader. User-selectable QR code colors. Scan in real-time with direct camera

Monk Sharking  v.

Find your own style! The prettiest, the coolest, the funniest, the best - all in SQThemeTile! SQThemeTile provides attractive, unique and cool themes for your Windows phone. To get more Tiles, please use keyword "SQThemeTile" to search in tiles.

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