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Fancy Dialer Sepia  v.

Another Color! Another Dialer! All new interface!!!

MisNotitititas  v.

aplicaciAln para guardar notas y anclarlas a la pantalla de


Lockscreen  v.

Lockscreen disables your phones Lockscreen. This tool is perfect for developers, who won't want to change the Lockscreen settings.

QR Reader  v.

The application allows you to get picture from camera or library and reads QR code inside it. Extracted data is saved to storage.

THAI QWERTY Keyboard  v.

Developed by Smith Mangmeetakun THAI QWERTY Keyboard use it with Copy & Paste to input Thai to any application. New update version 1.2 - Add Hide English Keyboard button New update version 1.1 - Display previous input text - Add Funtion key (Fn)

Noborizaka  v.

[New in Version 1.8.0 – Fixed bug for initial program run] Noborizaka (Japanese for ascent / upgrade) is an easy to use activity tracker incorporating RPG elements. Take note of what you’re doing throughout the day, and as you complete your

Eye Copy  v.

Need a photo of that document at the library? Need to scan in your receipts and send them in for reimbursement? Want to combine all your vacation photos into a single PDF and send them to family, right from your phone? Eye Copy is for you!

Skyrim Crafting Recipes  v.

A handheld reference guide app for Skyrim : Elder Scrolls V and Windows Phone 7 that has info and recipes on over 102 alchemy potions with 55 different effects, made out of 111 possible ingredients,

Tile Painter  v.

Create your own custom tiles for your home screen. You can paint your own design and use images from your phone. Then set a custom action for your tile. You can design both the front and the back of your tile. Tile Painter shows you a preview so you

Image_Slider_In_Windows_Phone7  v.

This is an image slider to slides

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