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Read it!  v.

Read it! is a simple text-to speech application. Features: - it converts text to speech - it saves audio on device and so you can play without using the data connection - it can upload to

MTG Personal Assistant  v.

MTG Personal Assistant is a great way to manage your Magic the Gathering games. If you would like a feature added to the app please email me. I'd be happy to respond. Thank you! New in version 2.1 -Added Trial Support New in version 2.0 -Added


Sun Tracker  v.

Track the position of the sun throughout the day. Determine when sunrise will occur and then track the path of the sun through the sky until sunset.

PowerTasks  v.

Finally, a professional grade “todo”/task management app for Windows Phone. - Set priorities, due dates, follow-up dates - Tasks highlighted orange n days before a date is due, and red on or after the due date - Sort views by date or priority -

MTG: Card Checker  v.

MTG Card Checker is the FIRST Magic card price checking application for Windows Phone 7. This app allows you to search your cards on the huge database of all current Magic cards to date, and will show you the value of it! You can either input the

Audio Analyzer  v.

This tool lets you take a closer look at the noises and sounds around you. Take a look at the frequency make-up, the sound pressure levels and the measured waveforms.

IRecorder Plus  v.

Trial version includes all features with small advertisement. V1.6.0: - Performance improvement - Bug fixes V1.5.0: - Added audio editing feature - Minor bug fixes V1.4.0: - Added send to email feature - Performance enhancement - New default

Clever Lists  v.

A simple, gesture based To Do list. Useful for standard To Do’s, shopping lists and many more! Just swipe to add, swipe to complete, swipe to delete – simple! - Control the app by swiping items in specific directions - Change color schemes to

IOL_Calculation  v.

The IOL Calculator is meant to serve as an adjunct tool to assist physicians in selecting the appropriate IOL for a particular patient using SRK II

QuikShre  v.

Create QR codes to share your contacts quickly and easily by reaching into your People hub. No need to recall or manually enter contact information.

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