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TweetShort  v.

Shortens your conversations , messages and typed text You can directly post your text to twitter

Tour SRI LANKA  v.

This will help the user to get good idea about Sri Lanka.Historic Places,


PASS  v.

A Personal Alert Safety System akin to what firefighters wear when entering a burning building or an avalanche beacon worn by skiers and snowboarders or even a Life Alert device worn by people that are prone to falling.

Jazz Expenses  v.

You are in control as the Money Manager! Create as many accounts and categories as you want. Add expenses, income and account transfers. Keep track of progress by reviewing reports by categories and accounts. The Jazz Expenses app will become your

Yumurta  v.

Yumurta Zamanlayıcı Yumurtanızın tam istediğiniz kıvamda pişmesini istiyorsanız bu uygulama size göre. Çok rahat bir şekilde yumurtanın boyutunu(S, M, L, XL), istediğiniz pişirme şeklini(Rafadan, Az Pişmiş, Haşlanmış) ve

TrendyCam  v.

TrendyCam is designed for you to monitor your important IP security camera on your Windows Phone 7 at anytime you want. Simply setup the profile for your IP security camera and you are ready to go.

Phone Ghost 7  v.

Two address books is better than TWO phones. Do you want to keep safe your contacts? Phone Ghost 7 is the app for you. With the same look and feel of the Windows Phone address book you have the same functionalities with some improvements. To be sure

Babylon Translator  v.

Babylon, the world’s leading provider of dictionary and translation software, brings you Babylon Translator for Windows Phone. Babylon Translator gives you quick and comprehensive dictionary results in over 75 languages, as well as effective

System View  v.

update: 1. added pin to start functions 2. use nokia maps 3. extend and optimize flashlight function Ever wonder what your software/hardware settings of your phone? Want to know if the network/GPS/Sensors are working? Want someone to diagnosis a

Wap-Remotecontrol  v.

The WAP-Remotecontrol is an app, with which you can remote control the Winamp® Player on Windows® computers. The remote control works over the WLAN network. For the first installation you only need the test (trail) version of the winphone 7 app.

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