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Color Light  v.

The application uses the screen to light up the environments in different colors. Slide your finger vertically over the screen to change color hue, and horizontally to change color brightness.

SongNotePad  v.

This application allows you to easily capture the chords and structure of a song. - Create song sections that are coloured based on keywords used in section title - Independently set song and section time signatures - Comprehensive combination of


Pocket Plans  v.

It's finally here...the first real CAD application for Window Phone! Pocket Plans is a DWFx file viewer that can read CAD files that have been created using the OpenXps Standard from Microsoft. That means, whether the file has been exported from

The Clock  v.

This is a simple but useful clock app that you can leave running on your desktop or as a nightstand clock. It has all the information that you need in large fonts, including date and even weather. Have up to 3 alarms and wake up when you need to.

Free Talking Timer, Stopwatch, Clock & News  v.

Talking Count-down and Interval timer, Stop Watch with History, Large Display Clock with CNN News radio. Works in Portrait and Landscape modes. Wide array of designer and sold-color backgrounds (skins). The Count-Down Timer is displayed as a large

GDrive  v.

GDrive is a Google Drive client application for Windows Phone. This application is provided AS IS and I will decline any problem you may or may not have by using it with your Google account. The main purpose on building this app was an educational

Perfect Tip Calculator  v.

PerfectTip is a unique tip calculator that features a 3D spinning “tip wheel” that allows you to see five consecutive tip percentages in a row. The spinning wheel is an added bonus when you need to pay cash and round to the nearest dollar.

Signal Clock Ph111  v.

This software will output the time signal sounds. Signal is: three times to 440Hz(0.2sec), then 880Hz(1.5sec) once. Alarm can be set. - regular time - every minute - time specified - loudness of sound - Selection of performance You can change the

BG German Cards  v.

This is a first German learning tool with HD pictures in Windows Phone 7!!! And it is very easy to use!

Port Scanner  v.

Update 1.1: - Resolved an issue where scan results show up as incorrect - Favors Wifi connection where available - Reliability enhancements on the back end - If Network becomes disconnected, port scan results don't show false positives Port Scanner

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