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SMS Attack  v.

With this app you can send more then one

Degrees Radians Calculator  v.

Convert degrees to radians and radians to degrees with this useful


Sab7a  v.

you can use these app Instead of normal

Free BattleLog Companion  v.

BattleLog Companion helps you keep track of your soldier’s stats along with your friend's progress in the award winning game Battlefield 3. Not only do we give you comprehensive soldier statistics, but we bring them together with the social

Desktop To Phone  v.

We all know how difficult is to synchronize our web navigation between our desktops and our Windows Phone. That is why we created "Desktop To Phone". It allows you to send unread or favorites pages directly from IE to your Windows Phone. It is

WP7NL  v.

IMPORTANT: The interface of this app is in English, but most (external) content will be in Dutch Want to stay up to date on everything Windows Phone in the Netherlands? And be the first to discover the latest and greatest apps by Dutch developers?

Algebra Solver  v.

Algebra Solver will help you solve mathematical equations instanly. This program includes the following: -1st degree equations with one unknown. (e.g. ax+b=c) -1st degree equations with two unknowns. (2 variables) -1st degree equations with three

Park it!  v.

Having a tough time locating your car at school, downtown, or sporting events? Park It makes it easy to find your vehicle when all those places you've parked over the last few days come to mind at once.

MobileStore  v.

This is a simple application which can be used to keep the record of the mobiles available in the store and to keep the track of order's and manage the list of customer's

Rogue Text Decoder  v.

This application allows you to convert between different numeric bases. It also allows you to convert from text to any of the available numeric bases and vice versa. The numeric bases currently supported are: -Binary -Ternary -Octal -Decimal -Hex

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