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XBx360  v.3.0

xBx360 is a software that "emulates" XBOX 360 console, creating very similar virtual environment. XBOX 360 emulator is a great thing for everyone who don't have real XBOX 360 console.

German Truck Simulator  v.1.32a

Drive your truck across Germany! 7 types of trucks, over 60 types of cargo, 18 major cities connected by highways as well as small roads.


Mongoose <3 Mangos  v.

Mona the Mongoose Loooooves Mangoes! Help Mona catch the mangoes before they hit the ground in this fast paced arcade game. - Two difficulty levels for a fun or challenging game - High Score

Sight Reader - Piano  v.

A sight-reading training game. The game will display notes on a staff at random, the object of the game is to correctly identify the notes using either the piano keys or the note letters. Take tedious,

Roby & Tany  v.

Roby & Tany it’s a very funny game in which you have to take away some bones from ROBY's bowl and give them to TANY before the time runs out without waking ROBY up.

Xmas Memory  v.

A classic game for your Christmas holidays and for the New Year. Challenge your childrens, relatives and friends with Xmas Memory. The Christmas atmosphere will seem even more magical. End the game and you will receive a special gift

AI Balda  v.

Game "Balda" - a board game with words. How to play: in the center of the field (5 of 5 cells) is a word of five letters. Contestants take turns adding to the word of one letter, so that new words are formed. Permitted direction of making the words:

I Upside down ! Free  v.

NEW in Version 1.1 : 15 more levels for Free !! --------------- Discover "Upside down Free", the free version of the new puzzle game that will tease every side of your brain ! Change gravity by rotating your phone and bring all the green blocks to

Dice 6/6  v.

Roll the Dice NOW! Choose from between one and six dice: Tap each dice for random number - simple

Fire Ants  v.

Inspired by a true story of squishing ants, fire ants helps you get your frustrations out on those evil little creatures just don't shake your phone while playing or they get mad. New Features Include: easier game play rocks and plants tumble weeds

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