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Cups  v.

Challenge your eyes, follow the ball. This is the classic street game of a hidden object under some cups. The objective is to find the object after the cups have been shuffled. V1.4 ----- Minor tweaks Removed the Level x? V1.3 ----- Mango Update

Album Shower  v.

A novel way to explore your music collection and find albums you didn't know you had. Fifty of your albums are displayed sliding smoothly across the screen. Touch one of them and it starts playing. Tip the phone to move them around and watch as


Match-Em Lite  v.

Match-Em Lite is a free fully functional card concentration memory game based on ads. The object of Match-Em Lite is to find and match pairs of the same image on the card. When the card is pressed an image is displayed on the opposite side of the

CKidsSets  v.

"cKidsSets" es un juego donde al pequeño se le permite aprender, por medio del juego, a encontrar el elemento que no corresponde al grupo de imagenes mostradas. "cKidsSeries" es una serie de juegos orientados para niños en el apoyo del aprendizaje

Fireworks Arcade  v.

Fireworks Arcade is a fun-filled app for all ages, and a showcase app for multi-touch and graphics. Tap or drag to create brilliant displays of light and sound. Compete or relax in one of several game modes. Paint art with firework shapes.

Tokyo Game  v.

Tokyo is a simple game where you will have to beat your opponents by bluffing and detecting bluff. It is played by passing the phone in a clocwise fashion. 2-10

Navy Battle  v.

Sink your enemy's ship and win over the sea! UPDATE: 1.1 -Added two game modes: "Multishot" and "Shoot until miss"; -Minor

7 Die  v.

If you just need a basic die you can roll,

Cuboli  v.

Construye bloques de cuatro o mA?s cubos del mismo color para formar una cadena y quitarla del tablero,

BallArcade  v.

BallArcade is simple arcade game. Goal of the game is to get ball from start point to the finish point. On the way there are many obstacles which can destroy ball, or holes where it can fall.

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