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Crystal Magic  v.

Crystal Magic A magic game which shows the symbol corresponding to the number you

Gnop Skirmish  v.

The populair game from a few years ago. Al you need is two paddles and one ball. And you have fun for


Little Snake Pro  v.

Little Snake is a remake of the classic snake game, now available for your Windows Phone. It includes two game modes: Classic: The classic game experience on a map of your choice. Pick up as many stars as possible, without touching yourself or any

Chess 2 Go  v.

Enjoy the classic game of chess with various playing strengths, custom chess board colors, and undo functionality.

Bubble Me  v.

Bubble Me is a simple game where your job is to clear all Bubbles that appear on the screen, except the red ones. You will find a special power, by shaking your phone, to get more Bubbles. You will find a lot of fun and will love this great game!

Basta  v.

Sortea las letras que utilizas para el clasico juego

Banzai Birds  v.

UPDATE 1.1 New graphics, better levels and soft landing made easier. It’s no wonder that a bird species that falls all the time is endangered, but one of the few remaining Banzai Birds, Kamikaze Dave, has an idea, a parachute! He is on a one bird

DoPiano  v.

Developed by Onur Tırpan English: doPiano is a piano playing application. You can play some notes and create your own melody. You can play 2 saved melody. Your little child will like it. Turkish: *doPiano bir piyano çalma uygulamasıdır. Bir

Mad Gravity  v.

O jogo consiste em dois personagens que tem de que se equilibrar entre dois mundos,neles o jogador terA? de de controlar sua permanASncia em cada mundo e isso serA?

BallArcade  v.

BallArcade is simple arcade game. Goal of the game is to get ball from start point to the finish point. On the way there are many obstacles which can destroy ball, or holes where it can fall.

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