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FastSwiper  v.

Try to swipe your finger across the finish line as fast as you

Hang Man 7 - Danish Edition  v.

Hang Man 7 is an adaptation of the famous game Hang Man for Windows Phone 7. It is featuring more than 800 hundred danish words, and 3 levels of


HVAQ  v.

HVAQ is a collision game and member of Peter's abstract game series. No parameters or scores are stored. Only the game moment counts. The game is very suitable for contests with k.o. rules. Game information: - Equipment face up ... Game goal: -

Doodler  v.

Similar to a classic toy. Sketch your creation using one dial to control the horizontal position of the utensil and another to control the vertical. To start a new drawing, shake the phone, causing the old drawing to fade away.

Tap Reversi Pro  v.

Tap Reversi Pro is the MOST BEAUTIFUL and CHALLENGING version of Reversi (Othello) you will ever find anywhere. This unique version of the classic strategy game is great for all ages, quick to learn and takes just a few minutes to play,

Triple Dice  v.

If you want to throw 3 dice using your windows phone this app is just what you

Picture Puzzles  v.

Push buttons presenting part's of a picture to move them to the correct place. To generate a new game - push New button, and to restart a game - Restart button. To change the settings - push Settings button.

FlyingBalls  v.

The aim of the game is to put a ball in a hole. To start a game press Begin button. The program will generate a flying ball. Move your phone to change direction of the ball and its speed. If the move of the phone is in the same direction the ball is

Chekers  v.

Game with simple graphics and and classical

NumberGuessGame  v.

Try to discover the secret number in less than 10

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