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Straw_Valuation_Calculator  v.

This is a guide to the value of phosphate & potash removed from the soil when straw is removed from a field. Cereals and pulses can vary in value(eg. oat straw is worth considerably more than wheat straw). The cost of baling, carting and replacement

CbCalc 7  v.

Aplicação para cálculo de cotação de venda de bens ou serviços. Cálculo de descontos automáticos ou manual, taxa de iva máxima aplicada ao total, descrição dos totais em


SWOT 7 Pro  v.

Perform SWOT analysis right on your phone. An ideal companion for business owners and consultants. Easy to use. Delight for the eye. Create SWOTs anywhere,

Create Your Own Job  v.

Finding Work in Today's Economy is Almost Impossible, Creating Your Own Job is the Solution! People have been doing freelancing for thousands of years; even in ancient Rome the army hired mercenaries to go into battle when there weren't enough

Visual Studio 2010 Quiz  v.

Check and improve your visual studio 2010 knowledge in a fun way by playing this

RedCarded  v.

Have you ever sat in a meeting and noticed that someone is, repeating a point that has already been made, moving off in a tangent from the agenda or generally wasting time. Time to give them the Red Card!! Attendees can agree support but not like it

APEC CEO Summit  v.

APEC CEO Summit 2012 [8/2/2012 12:03:04 PM] Mark Benjamin: This is the official app for the APEC 2012 CEO Summit being held in Vladivostok, Russia September 7-8, 2012. The app is designed to enhance the experience of CEO Summit attendees by putting

BonelliLAB  v.


BrokerMania  v.

This is a very handy app for the people who deals with the purchasing and selling of shares.With the help of this app,

DomainsOnTheFly  v.

Have you ever thought of a domain name and not been near a computer to see if it was available. When the domain name muse strikes, you can rely on DomainsOnTheFly to be there for you!

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