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Entré Portal  v.

The application Entré Portal is an extension of the Swedish ERP-system Entré. Entré Portal is an order management tool aimed at personnel working with field services. Although the program is available in English and Swedish,

Community day  v.

Community Day 2012 is the sixth edition of the yearly community event organized by 17 user groups. With this companion app, attendees can view the agenda, give feedback and get all the important information about the event. You’ll be enjoying


ONE|Helpdesk  v.

The SoftwareONE ONE|Helpdesk is meant for use by SoftwareONE employees.

Content Planning Guide  v.

The purpose of website content is to communication information to your target audience. Website content includes the text, audio,

M ImAlveis  v.

If you're looking for a property, shop, office, development or other opportunities, this application is for you! Millennium bcp has launched the App M ImAlveis where you can find the property that best suits your needs.

Winkurier  v.

Mit dem preiswerten, effizienten WINKURIER Versandsystem können Sie nicht nur einfach und zuverlässig Ihre Lieferungen überwachen und koordinieren, sondern gleichzeitig Ihre Versandabwicklung effektiv und nachhaltig optimieren.

25 Websites to Make Money Fast (Upgrade)  v.

Ways to make money brings you '25 Websites to Make Money Fast'. Ways to Make Money was an App with lots of information to search. It's still a great App with great ideas to get you thinking.

Pharma Corporate  v.

Another App from the Blue World Developer Hits the Windows Phone 7.5 Market , Pharma Corp is developed for those who have Interest in pharma field and they wanted to know the current IPO status , mergers , corporate decisions , Legal informations !

StirTrekPlanner  v.

A simple, clean schedule viewer for the Stir Trek conference. Stir Trek is a one-day conference focused on teaching software developers the latest and greatest in technologies, techniques, and tools.

SouthFloridaCodeCamp  v.

Application provides current information about the South Florida Code Camp including registration, sponsor, volunteer,

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