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ExcelPrint  v.

Using your Windows Phone you can chose Excel files stored on your Skydrive and print them to any enabled printer that can be reached via a local area network or the

Life Coach Career  v.

Discover How To Become a Top-Rated Life Coach To Achieve Massive Success and Wealth! Are you someone who enjoys helping others? Do you get a sense of gratification when you know you have helped others succeed at something? Do you know that there is


EBay calculator  v.

eBay calculator is an application designed to calculate fees for eBay auctions and the PayPal payment system. The application calculates the revenue received from the auction considering all the expenses.

Business Auto Tracker  v.

Tax laws make it advantageous to deduct business use of your vehicle, however adequate records are required. This application utilizies GPS to track and record your trips as well as manual odometer entries. Money spent on vehicle maintenance are

SmartDocs  v.

SmartDocs is a document management platform that revolutionizes the way organizations capture, manage and share knowledge across the enterprise. Leveraging on advanced cloud computing technology,

InvestmentHelper  v.

This application calculates final capital using this formula: FC=ICx(1+P/c)^cxm FC - Final capital IC - Initial capital P - percentage c - capitalization m - number of months A list of calculated investments is stored in "History Pivot" which can

MonkeySpace  v.

Conference guide for the MonkeySpace 2012 conference in Boston, 17-19 October 2012. View the conference schedule, speakers and create your own personal schedule with favorites. Visit for more info on the

Inteliscape Information  v.

Developed by: inteli-scape An application providing information about Inteliscape. Who we are. What we do. How to contact

LiveSales  v.

// Português (scroll down for english version) O LiveSales Mobile é um programa para automação de força de venda (AFV), e permite que você digite seus pedidos de vendas diretamente em seu celular. Ele trabalha integrado a uma conta do

FuelManager  v.

This app is very useful where you have to manage stock of any type of fuel.It contains separate sections of both (supplied and received) quantity of fuel. In the seprate sections you can see,Update and delete reord of supplied/received quantity of

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