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Azure London  v.

Azure conference app for 22nd June in London Microsoft Cloud Day: Windows Azure, Windows 8, Devices and Open Source innovations Follow us @ukwaug on twitter for event info and surprise announcements... If you can't make TechEd in Amsterdam then

Bérkalkulátor  v.

Könnyen és gyorsan kiszámolhatja, hogy a bruttó fizetéséből mennyit kap majd kézhez, vagy hogy alkalmazottja nettó fizetése mennyibe fog Önnek kerülni bruttósítva. Az alkalmazás mindig az aktuális (2013) törvények szerint számolja


Managing and improving your cash flow  v.

In business, cash is king. Managing Cash Flow can help you take charge of company’s finances and add top-line profit to your bottom line. This app provides all the information you need with all the key mobile learning features you’ve come to

TimeZoneMeetingPlanner  v.

Plan meetings across time zones. V1.4 Added half hour and 45-minute time zones. V1.3 More time zones. TO DO 1. Integration to time zone web service to provide support during changes to summer / winter times. 2. Add button to create meeting invite

Tamigo  v.

Tamigo Windows Phone App now allows you to manage most tasks regarding your roster via your Windows Phone – whether you are an employee or a planner. When you log on as a planner you can: - Select your different departments - View texts from

SPOAM Report  v.

SPO Active Monitoring Report on Windows Phone. This is a super set of both SPOAM and SPOTx report. User can look up SPO Availability data from this phone app. Data only open for Microsoft employees, and a Microsoft corpration mailbox address is

Falchi Mario  v.


Tech Jobs  v.

Cititec is a global recruitment company, we specialise in sourcing expert technical professionals. This app focuses on your career: Jobs, networking opportunities, career information and market updates for those in the finance IT, pharmaceutical &

Currency_convertions  v.

it gives rupee conversions to different countries conversions on the day 23rd january,

PatikaMonitor  v.

A Novodata PatikaMonitor (NDPM_WP7) egy olyan WindowsPhone 7.5 mobil telefonokra kifejlesztett alkalmazás,

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