Usgs Recent Earthquakes


Recent Earthquakes  v.

This application shows the list of recent earthquakes worldwide. It uses USGS RSS feeds to get the information. It also uses location services to show the distance to each epicenter from your current location and shows epicenters on the map. The 1.1 version ...

Earthquakes  v.

This application gives you an overview of the recent earthquakes that could be felt in Belgium.
In addition to an overview of all the recent earthquakes there is also the possibility to request details per earthquake, such as magnitude and depth.


Turkey EQ  v.

Turkey EQ shows the list of recent earthquakes in Turkey. It can sort the earthquakes by how long ago they happened or their magnitudes. It can also display the exact location of an earthquake on a map along with the region's name and depth of the earthquake.

WorldViewer  v.1.1.3

WorldViewer allows you to see the world on your desktop with realtime cloud maps, recent earthquakes, current tropical storms, and your local weather forecast.Features:Plots all recent 5.0 magnitude and greater earthquakesPlots tropical storms, their ...

World Wind USGS Earthquakes  v.1.0

Shows the latest earthquakes over a flat world projection. World Wind USGS Earthquakes enable you to view the locations of the latest earthquakes on the globe.
It allows you to see the whole globe at once while retaining the ability to zoom onto the ...

Automatically Clear Recent Documents History Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to automatically clear the list of recent documents at specified intervals. The user chooses the required interval from a list: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, etc. There ...

Earthquakes Meter  v.2.2

Earthquakes Meter is very famous gadget that monitoring earthquakes around the world. It will show you the earthquakes (magnitude, depth, location and time of event) in few minutes.

Advanced Recent Access  v.1.0

Advanced Recent Access is designed to see and open your recent used resources (files and directories). Key features: can see more properties of the recent resources, such as path, size, type, date modified, date accessed and date created. Automatically ...

X2Net Recent Documents

Never lose track of a file again! X2Net Recent Documents automatically keeps track of every document you use. You can find them again by date (today, yesterday etc.), by the application that created them (Word, Excel etc.) or by type (music, pictures ...

Auto Clear Recent Documents History  v.1.0

Automatically clear the list of recent documents history at specified intervals.

You can choose clearing interval.

You can enabled and disable the clear documents history procedure.

This application sits in the system tray at ...

Automatically Clear Recent Documents History  v.1.0

Automatically Clear Recent Documents History can clear the recent document history at regular intervals. You can choose the clearing interval. You can enable and disable the clear documents history procedure.
This software sits in the system tray ...

Recent Document Tracker  v.0.8.2

Track your recent opened documents with this program. Recent Document Tracker can track recent documents and folders, then by using document type icons in the taskbar tray you can pop-up a menu of recent documents sorted by last access time.
Selecting ...

Earthquakes Monitor  v.

-Voice calls for nearby earthquake events in near real time
-Toast notifications for earthquakes
-Live tiles in real time with information about the latest earthquake
-View earthquake events by hour, day , week.
-Display a global ...

SFDC Recent Items  v.

Connect to Salesforce and quickly review your Recent Items.

As the connection to Salesforce is established via OAuth you never provide your credentials directly to the app. As per standard Salesforce security you may need to provide the Activation ...

USC Recent Bills  v.

this application provides real time information about the recent bills in United States Congress. Bills are categorized by their sponsors and by party. On selecting a bill it will show detailed information about that bill.

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