Software Developed by FishOfPrey

Sun Tracker  v.

Track the position of the sun throughout the day. Determine when sunrise will occur and then track the path of the sun through the sky until sunset.

SFDC Recent Items  v.

Connect to Salesforce and quickly review your Recent Items. As the connection to Salesforce is established via OAuth you never provide your credentials directly to the app. As per standard Salesforce security you may need to provide the Activation

Indoor Rowing Calc  v.

Phone based versions of the online calculators for Concept 2 Rowing machines. Pace Calculator "Designed for anyone to use, the pace calculator will help you determine either distance, 500m split or cumulative time once you enter any two of those

Dominoes Clock  v.

View hours,

Compass Bearing  v.

Shows true north and magnetic compass bearing as reported by the phone. Using your location data the app will also show a calculated true north bearing with independent magnetic declination calculation based on your latitude and longitude. In vision

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