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Wright-01  v.1.0

Wright Brothers built their wind tunnel and screened more than 200 different wing designs. They selected 35 wings for detailed testing, obtaining lift and drag coefficients using balances of their own design.

World Wind Web Service Catalogs  v.1.0

Provides easy access to geospatial imagery via web service catalogs. World Wind Web Service Catalogs offer you access to geospatial imagery with the aid of web service catalogs. NASAs Earth Science Gateway catalog,

World Wind Video On Terrain  v.1.0

Illustrates how applications can display video on the globe's surface. World Wind Video On Terrain demonstrate the possibility of displaying videos on the world map. On the left side of the application, you will be able to select the layers to be

World Wind USGS Earthquakes  v.1.0

Shows the latest earthquakes over a flat world projection. World Wind USGS Earthquakes enable you to view the locations of the latest earthquakes on the globe. It allows you to see the whole globe at once while retaining the ability to zoom onto the

World Wind Surface Objects  v.1.0

Demonstrates visualization of terrain following surface objects. World Wind Surface Objects enable you to visualize terrain surface objects such as text, icons, annotation shadows, and custom dynamic objects. This software makes a good addition to

World Wind Multimedia Annotations  v.1.0

View annotations on the world map. World Wind Multimedia Annotations enable you to manage annotations on the world map. It demonstrates the use of World Wind annotations to communicate images and sound.

World Wind Line Builder  v.1.0

World Wind Line Builder allows you to interactively draw a path over the terrain surface of the planet, enable you to draw lines on the globe map. It also displays latitude and longitude coordinates. It demonstrates how an software can use and

World Wind Annotations  v.1.0

World Wind Annotations make annotations on the world map. This example allows you to experiment with the multiple options of World Wind Java annotation feature.

World Wind Annotation Controls  v.1.0

Create annotations on the world map, demonstrate the use of World Wind annotations. This app will enable you to create simple user interfaces embedded into the World Window. You can play audio files while exploring the globe.Please Note: this

World Wind Anaglyph Stereo  v.1.0

Allows you to explore the world in 'real' 3D using red and cyan glasses, enable you to explore the world with anaglyph stereo viewing ability. It allows you to view the world in 3D using red and cyan glasses with the red filter over the left eye. To

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