Stopping Gag Reflex


Kjaerhus Audio Golden Audio Gate GAG-1  v.1 2

Kjaerhus Audio has announced Golden Audio Gate | GAG-1, a versatile gate / expander & ducking plug-in made for such applications as noise-gating, gated reverb, voice-over, de-breathing and many other practical and creative purposes.

The side-chain ...

AFMG Reflex  v.1.0

AFMG Reflex is a two-dimensional acoustics simulation software to model the reflection, diffusion, and scattering of a sound wave incident upon a defined geometrical structure.

Within AFMG Reflex the shape of the reflective surface is entered ...


GAG  v.4.10

GAG is a Boot Manager application. It's loaded when the computer is turned on and allows you to choose the operating system you want to use.GAG (initials, in spanish, of Graphical Boot Manager) is a Boot Manager program. It's loaded when the computer ...

Driving Lessons - Starting & Stopping  v.

Driving Lessons App Series - Starting and stopping

Are you currently studying for your driving test?

With these simple to use apps, you can learn about driving, and how to drive. Each app will contain a video about a certain topic, and ...

The Reflex Challenge  v.

Over 1,000 Downloads!

How fast are you? How good are your reflex?

Take the Reflex Challenge and find out!

Challenge your friends and family and see who is the fastest of you all ...

Color Reflex  v.

The faster your answer, the higher your score! It is a reflex game with a twist. You will be randomly given the word for a color, as well as the coloring of that word will be random. To the left of your randomly generated game piece, it will say either ...

Reflex-O-Mania  v.

Reflex-O-Mania is a head-to-head reflex game - simple, but always challenging. Think you have great reflexes?

2.Two players battle simultaneously for the best reaction in 4 frantic stages.

3.Each stage offers a different platform ...

Rapid Reflex  v.

Rapid Reflex is a two player game which can help you refresh between your lectures. A player just needs to tap the button faster than his opponent. A person who reaches 10 taps first wins the game. It will shoot up the adranaline rush for sure but make ...

Reflex Duel  v.

Have a try and check whose reflex is better!
The rules are really easy to understand – the first player who click his or her field after seeing wanted shape becomes winner.
The game has really nice graphics design, which makes is even more ...

Test Your Reflex Free  v.

You want to test your reflex, your ability to anticipate ?

This application is for you.

You have 3 paddles and 4 cups.

The goal is to put balls in the same color cup using the paddles.

You rotate the white paddle tilting ...

Reflex Text  v.

This application test your reflex action ...


SDL REFLEX is the micro kernel of a real time operating system for the AVR microcontroller family. The kernel is especially designed to implement systems described in SDL The Specification and Description Language . Compiler GNU ANSI-C for AVR v.3.3 ...

Reflex Tester  v.

Test your reflexes!

Reflex Test  v.

How quick are your reflexes? This fun app will put you to the test with signature Windows Phone 7 style and animations. Keep track of your best and average performances as you try to improve over time.

Learn how to build this app and many more ...

How to make good photos with a reflex camera  v.

Taking pictures is not simply pressing a button, with this guide you'll learn the tricks from the professionals, how to focus, themes, composition, colours …learn the tricks of the trade and start taking better photos.

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