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What animal are you  v.

Introduce your name and know waht animal are

Videogames Quiz  v.

Videogame Quiz is an application that puts your knowledge of video games to the test. In one-player mode you’ll have to answer a series of questions against the clock.

TrigonometrA­a  v.

¿No recuerdas lo que aprendiste de trigonometría en el colegio?

Top Desserts  v.

The best desserts of the world in a application for your Windows Phone: Rice Pudding, Orange Sponge Cake,...

The Three Little Pigs  v.

****The Three Little Pigs**** A best seller from the beginning. This classic story of work dedication that pays off. This story is adapted for children ages 2-4 and it will become an instant favorite with all the child-friendly interactive features

The Flautist of Hamelin  v.

This is the best version yet of the most famous tale of the city of Hamelin. A story for kids ages 6 and up tells surprising turn of events that makes this city look for a hero. A young flautist appears,

The Farm  v.

With Educa farm,

Tennis Quiz  v.

Wow at last it’s the QUIZ everyone has been waiting for. If you like tennis, you need to play this quiz. In single player mode, you have to answer a series of questions against the clock. In multi-player mode, you have to show your friends who is

Talking Teddy Bear  v.

THE CUTEST, FUNNIEST, MOST SENSITIVE, MOST ENTERTAINING “TALKING TEDDY BEAR” IS WAITING FOR A HUG. ★★★ TALKING TEDDY BEAR is not your typical “talking”, he does much more than talk...he can yell, cry or burst out laughing, he can play

Talking Rapper  v.

FINALLY ON YOUR WINDOWS PHONE COMES “TALKING RAPPER,” THE FUNNIEST, HIPPEST RAPPER YOU’VE EVER SEEN! ★★★★ Over 2.000.000 users! ★★★★ TALKING RAPPER has achieved the No. 1 spot "overall" and "entertainment category" in UK,

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