Software Developed by Adam Nathan

Vibration Composer  v.

A cross between a musical instrument and a handheld massager, Vibration Composer provides an interesting way to create your own custom vibrating patterns. • Create a solid vibration to use this app like a massager app • Set the phone on a table

Tweet & Go  v.

This app is about one thing: tweeting really fast. Features: • Integrated URL shortening • Automatic photo upload • Ability to run while the phone is locked, for extra speed when you're interrupted • Attractive screen that takes on the

Rock's Revenge  v.

BUILD YOUR OWN LEVELS & SUBMIT THEM FOR FUTURE VERSIONS! Version 1.1 contains performance improvements. If you experience problems, please email us from the "about" page and tell us which phone you're using. Thanks! Rock is tired. Tired of the

Reflex Test  v.

How quick are your reflexes? This fun app will put you to the test with signature Windows Phone 7 style and animations. Keep track of your best and average performances as you try to improve over time. Learn how to build this app and many more with

Pinned Searches  v.

Do you "bing yourself" often? Save time by pinning any searches inside this app, then pinning this app to Start! Supports any number of custom searches in a slick interface that mimics Start. It's like having a second Start page,

Passwords & Secrets  v.

A feature-filled notepad app that is protected with a master password. Your data is encrypted with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption to keep prying eyes out! This is a great app for storing a variety of passwords and other

Musical Robot  v.

A quirky musical instrument app that can play two-octaves-worth of robotic sounds based on where you place your fingers. Touching toward the left produces lower notes, and touching toward the right produces higher notes.

Metro Web Browser  v.

A more powerful & extremely-customizable full-screen web browser. Gives you 24% more screen real estate than Internet Explorer (in the portrait orientation)! Leverages the phone's fast,

Leaning Tower of Pieces  v.

A fun physics game. Stack the pieces as high as possible.

In Case of Emergency  v.

This app is meant to help save your life in the event you become a victim of a serious accident. If someone finds you in a state in which you are unable to communicate, that person might check your phone for important information about yourself.

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