Rock Scissors


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

The name of Paperock comes from the game that every citizen likes to play and is an expert at: paper-rock-scissors, also known as Janken. You've got to guide little Alex through ten stages of punching, jumping and kicking, and Jankening, to gain passage ...

Matching Gems 2  v.

In the Add-Ons mode you will have to connect crystals containing the 'Paper, Rock, Scissors' symbols.


Rock Paper Scissors

In this game you need to play 10 matches of Rock Paper Scissors to determine the winner. The result of each match is determined by the sign the players show, a rock sign wins a scissors sign, a scissors sign wins a paper sign, a paper sign wins a rock ...

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A Computer version of the
old Rock/Paper/Scissors
The Computer will try to
outguess the Human player.
The first to reach Eleven
points is the Winner.
The Program keeps an
ongoing record of games
This ...

Rock-Paper-Scissors for PALM  v.2.0

This program plays classic game: Rock-Paper-Scissors.
The great feature of this program is that
computer "thinks" before do move.
Therefore it will be real challenge to you to win.

Rock-Paper-Scissors-O-Matic  v.

Are you suffering from chronic indecisiveness? Is your losing streak making you believe you have been exposed to those filthy jedi mind tricks?

This Rock-Paper-Scissors gesture generator will make your decisions easy! Just shake it and and show ...

Rock Paper Scissors Online  v.

Rock Paper Scissors Online. You vs everyone!

Rock-Paper-Scissors  v.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is a very old classic game which is often used as a selection method. Shake the device to change the state.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock for WP7  v.

Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock Game from The Big Bang Theory.

Rock, Paper, Spock  v.

Variation on the classic game Rock, Paper, Scissors. Now included is Spock and Lizard! Gives more variety and play options. Simple game to play against computer. Keepts track of win/lose/tie statastics. Small in size, and great tool to learn the more ...

Rock Paper Scissor  v.

Remember the classic game of Rock Paper Scissors? Now you can play it with your phone. But be forewarned, the phone is a smart bot equipped with AI and learns from you.

The Phone starts learning as it plays and it will get smarter as you play ...

Scissors Game  v.1.0

A new game from Toy Cat Soft, Scissors Game is a game to help exercise the minds of kids of all ages. It is a casual game offered at a very low price, though there is also a trial edition available. Logic games such as this provide a great opportunity ...

Rock Tour  v.1.0

Rock Tour is an interesting and extremely funny game developed by Gabriel Entertainment and published by Big Fish Games.

In this tycoon-like game you are going to manage a local rock band, and the main goal is to achieve fame and make your ...

Photo Scissors Pilot  v.1. 1. 2001

Photo Scissors Pilot is a simple program that allows you to retouch your images in a snap. It allows you to remove objects from a photo, resize an image, crop an image area, and patch your image. The application includes a demonstration step by step of ...

Rock's Revenge  v.

Tired of the ridiculous Rock-Paper-Scissors game in which Paper always gets the upper hand. In this game, Rock is finally able to destroy Paper. Not just sheets of paper, but all forms: dollar bills, toilet paper, origami creatures, and more!

Use ...

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