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Word2  v.1.0

Solitaire game of forming and modifying words using 53letter cards. Scoring is based on squaring the number of letters in each word with a bonus if all cards are played.

VJamp  v.1.0

The VJamp multi media player adds a control unit for multiple playback windows to Microsoft Windows.

Towers of Hanoi

A Program based on the old Towers of Hanoi puzzle. The Discs have to be moved from the Left hand Dais to the Right hand Dais. This is done by dragging them with the Mouse. Only a top Disk can be moved. A larger Disc cannot be placed on a

Small Syndicate Lottery Checker

The Small Syndicate Lottery Checker will store and check upto 42 lines. Store the lines in the Grids provided and enter the winning numbers. Any winning lines will be notified. Secretaries of larger Syndicates can, of course, install the program two

Rock, Paper, Scissors

A Computer version of the old Rock/Paper/Scissors game. The Computer will try to outguess the Human player. The first to reach Eleven points is the Winner. The Program keeps an ongoing record of games played. This

RipIt4Me  v.1. 7. 2001

If you are familiar with the 'dvd home backup process' (if you don't like the 'piracy' word) maybe you know that it's not so simple to get it to work.


Reminders is a Limited but easy to use program to set reminders for Dates and Times. Reminder notes can be stored in a list for re-use as needed.


RamDouble is a powerful memory management program that optimizes the amount of physical RAM (Random Access Memory) available on your system. Why spend hundreds of dollars on memory upgrades or new computers?

Polyphonic ringtones  v.1.0.6

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PC Inspector File Recovery  v.4.0

PC Inspector File Recovery 4.0 is an small application able to recover deleted, erased files, lost data, lost drives, lost files from the Recycle Bin, etc. from every drive in the system.

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