Main Idea Practice


Reading Comprehension Booster  v.1.00

Students receive practice in using basic reading improvement strategies. They work with interactive exercises to determine main idea, make inferences, and draw conclusions. Assessments place students in appropriate units of instruction. Students advance ...

CRide  v.

Carpooling Mate Finder is a mobile application made on Windows Phone 7 OS hosted at Windows Azure, the main idea of the project is to make easier the carpooling practice, searching for routes and the time to find your possible traveling mates on a specified ...



The main idea is similar to classic puzzle game - lines where your objective is to line up 5 balls of the same colour. However we've made a lot of interesting changes in the gameplay to make this puzzle less boring. For instance, the number of balls ...


The main idea of TexToPix is quite simple. You take some text, (few phrases, words or even few characters), select an image that you like to mimic and program will generate an image that when viewed from a distance looks like the picture and when looked ...

Mr. Bigshot  v.

The main idea of Mr. Bigshot is that you play in Stock Market.This means that you go back in time, over the past 35 years and manipulate one from hundredscompanies as if you were in the leader board.
Financial information and ratings have been meticulously ...

Mind Visualizer  v.

You can visually represent your ideas, tasks, and other issues arranged and linked around a main idea. You can create concept maps, organize your ideas, and more. Mind Visualizer is very easy to use. It includes easy, accessible side bars; you can drag ...

Diversion  v.1.0

The main idea behind Diversion is to provide you with the outstanding sound quality of hardware synthesizers. Diversion was built with a sound transparency and purity in mind.Diversion offers 4 oscillators with a wide range of various waveforms with ...

Ultra trigger FX  v.1.153

The main idea behind this effect is 'triggering' : fx selection , fx 'synced parameter' and signal mixing can be performed directly from two benchs of buttons or more simply from midi CC or midi notes.Modules :
* 1 fx selector "button bench" (F-B-P)
* ...

About Bombs and Explosives  v.1.1

The main idea is to place bombs and to blow up anything in your way (like monsters, walls, other players).
In single player mode, one must find his way through about 100 levels by eliminating monsters and searching for exit.In battle mode, player ...

Flex RSS Reader  v.1.0

The main idea of this project is my first project using Adobe Flex. I've updated the installer which is ready to download. The latest release of this software was no longer need Server Side Application to run. So what you need is only install the software ...

STC (Shortest Triplet Clustering)  v.1.2

The main idea is the introduction of a natural definition of so-called k-representative sets. Based on k-representative sets, shortest triplets are reconstructed and serve as building blocks for the STC algorithm to agglomerate sequences for tree reconstruction ...

Funimals  v.

Developed by Murad Abu-Leil

- The main idea is to teach your kids how to learn
animals in a really fun way !

- The game has 3 parts, first part is mainly a word
puzzle that help your kid realize the animals, just
help him ...

LovesMe  v.

It is the main idea of this game too.

1. Give your secret sweetheart's name!
2. Get a heart for it in this classical game Loves me , loves me not!
3. Think about the name carefully! If you change the name, you lose the heart at the ...

Tk_happy  v.0.3

The main idea behind tk_happy is to allow a fully "wired" Tkinter application to be quickly created (Tkinter is the python interface to Tk). The users main responsibility is to add logic to the Tkinter framework created by tk_happy.

IScream  v.1.0

The main idea of this application is to sit in the dock and wait for a click. Just click on dock icon to start recording. To stop click on dock icon again. So it's good for a voice records, voice notes and other sound recording things.

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