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TripleC (Triple Consensus)  v.1.0

TripleC (Triple Consensus) is a software to construct consensus trees from rooted triples.Usage java -jar Triplec.jar NoReps InFile.newickHere NoReps is the number of triple reconstructions to use for the consensus. This is required because

TreeSnatcher Plus  v.June 2010

A Phylogenetic Tree Capturing Tool. TreeSnatcher Plus is a GUI-driven Java software that automates the generation of a machine- readable representation of multifurcating phylogenetic trees contained in pixel images.

STC (Shortest Triplet Clustering)  v.1.2

Shortest Triplet Clustering. A new distance-based clustering method, triplet clustering algorithm (STC), to reconstruct phylogenies. The main idea is the introduction of a natural definition of so-called k-representative sets.

SISSI: Simulating Sequence Evolution with Site-Specific Interactions  v.1.0

Simulating Sequence Evolution with Site-Specific Interactions. SISSI is a utility tool to generate data of related sequences along a given phylogeny, taking into account user defined system of neighbourhoods and instantaneous rate matrices.

IQPNNI - Important Quartet Puzzling and NNI Operation  v.3.3.2

Important Quartet Puzzling and NNI Operation. An efficient tree reconstruction method (IQPNNI) is introduced to reconstruct a phylogenetic tree based on DNA or amino acid sequence data.

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