Last Write Time


Last Of Time  v.1.6

But he's cunning and courageous, and with the ability to manage time, he may overcome all obstacles along the way.
Little resident Elven roams the forest in a dangerous journey, with Orcs lurking at every turn. But he's cunning and courageous, and ...

FileDate  v.1.0

exe /[ACWS] ref_file [test_file]
A = last Access time
C = Creation time
W = last Write time (defaut)
S = file Size
Date format: Hour:Minute:Second.Milliseconds Day/Month/Year ...


WExplorer  v.

get file-size, last write time, file-extension, file-attributes
3. copy, move, rename or delete files and folders
4. new drag and drop (List View) between WExplorer and Windows Explorer
5. discover reparse points (Windows 7)
6. use WExplorer ...

True Last Logon

Find the true last logon time for every user and computer account. Clean up your Active Directory by easily identifying unused or obsolete user and computer accounts by identifying their true last logon time and account status. The true last logon time ...

Advanced Directory Printer

Information fields include file name, type, extension, size, creation
time/date,last access date, last write time/date and file attributes --
and you can choose which fields to print or export.
Advanced Directory Printer allows you to ...

Set Last Access  v.1.0 Alpha

Set Last Access is a console application, can quickly set the last access time for your files.Usage: SetLastAccess.exe [/P]
if /P present - user parallel processing ...

File Property Edit  v.3 58

With just several clicks, you can easily change the files' attributes, including 'create time', 'modify time', 'last access time', 'read-only', 'hidden', 'system'... and modify their properties, such as document summary properties, photo's EXIF properties, ...

File Property Edit Pro  v.

With just several clicks, you can easily change the files' attributes, including 'modify time', 'read-only', 'hidden', 'system', 'create time' , 'last access time', and modify their properties, like document summary properties, photo's EXIF properties.

Command Line Ftp Upload

wildcard file include filter and file exclude filter, file size filter, last-modification time filter, Read arguments from text file, High performance, Ftp Upload log ...

PortableStorageExplorer  v.1.3.3

Portable Storage Explorer displays remote network computer USB devices, removable storage, CD-Rom and DVD drive information and state, drive type, serial number, revision, device name, last cleaned time, device vendor and product name, operational state, ...

FileAgent  v.

Creation date, last write and last access date.
FileAgent lets you change the file dates, file attributes and also displays the registered application for the given file type. You can even set properties for multiple files in one step.

Word Metadata Changer  v.2.7.3

Word Metadata Changer is an utility that will help you to view and change the Microsoft Office Word document file properties such as creater,last modified by user,company name,manager,last printed time, total edited time, document created time, etc.

Recent Document Tracker  v.0.8.2

Recent Document Tracker can track recent documents and folders, then by using document type icons in the taskbar tray you can pop-up a menu of recent documents sorted by last access time.
Selecting a menu choice will launch the appropriate software ...

UserProfilesView  v.1.01

For each user profile, the following information is displayed: DomainUser Name, Profile Path, Last Load Time, Registry File Size, User SID, and more. You can save the profiles list into text/xml/html/csv file.

RegDllView  v.1.45

For each registered file, you can view the last date/time that it was registered, and the list of all registration entries (CLSID/ProgID). RegDllView doesn't require any installation process or additional DLLs. Just copy the executable file (RegDllView.

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