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XYPad  v.1.02

This small drawing utility will help you achieve a wide field of applications. XYPad is a feature-rich 2D-drawing tool which enables a graphic realisation of your ideas. Create plans, sketches, structograms, organigrams, posters,

WExplorer  v.

WExplorer is a small alternative Windows Explorer.Features: 1. explore Windows 95 - Windows 7 2. get file-size, last write time, file-extension, file-attributes 3. copy, move, rename or delete files and folders 4. new drag and drop (List View)

WDUsage  v.1.06

WDUsage is a small tool to visualize the disk or directory usage. It can be used for disks and shares. The distribution of disk space usage is shown in a pie-chart and sorted in a list. WDUsage is a small tool based on ideas of WinDirUsage (by Kevin


NTFSACL is a easy-to-use tool to read NTFS-ACL's from Directory tree. Using ntfsacl.exe assumes to understand the NTFS Security Model. Version is redesigned for Windows 7 (and XP) to read NTFS-ACL entries from a directory tree.

AD-Browser  v.

A simple Active Directory browser. AD-Browser is a simple tool to browse Microsoft Active Directory via the IDirectorySearch COM Interface. Compared to other Tools AD-Browser provides a List View of similar objects like computers, groups or users. AD

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