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Advanced 2 Pages Per Sheet PDF Merger  v.1.12

Advanced 2 Pages Per Sheet PDF Merger is an affordable utility that automates the task of merging and converting one or more PDF documents into one PDF document in 2 pages per sheet format. Advanced 2 Pages Per Sheet PDF Merger automatically selects all ...

Quick La Belle Lucie  v.1.0

La Belle Lucie is a solitaire card game where the player deals out all the cards in a 52 card deck into 17 piles of 3, and one piles with a single card in it. The player can bulid down these piles by suit, and must build up the foundations by suit from ...


La Belle Lucie  v.1.0

La Belle Lucie is a pile based solitaire card game similar to Cruel Solitaire or Shamrocks Solitaire. The player is dealt 17 piles of 3 cards and one pile with 1 card in it. The player builds down the piles by suit while trying to build up the four ...

Candy La Belle Lucie  v.1.1

Candy La Belle Lucie is a candy themed pile based solitaire card game similar to Cruel Solitaire or Shamrocks Solitaire. The player is dealt seventeen piles of three cards each, and one pile with a single card in it. The player builds down the piles ...

How to Combine Your SEO with Pay per Click Advertising Campaigns

Drive thousands of visitors to your website with
search engine optimisation and pay per click campaigns, and turn them into
buyers. * Do you want to know some of the secrets that professionals charge you 000's for?
* Do you know how to drive ...

Pay Per Click Live

"Everyday Google sells several $10 million's in pay-per-clicks. But I get all mine absolutely FREE ...

BPM Beats per Minute Detector

BPM Beats Per Minute Detector is an ideal program for DJs.

With one click, you can detect the BPM of hundreds of mp3 files.

Anyone wishing to make musical productions or mixes with good results, must detect the BPM of each mp3 file.

PPC Services : Pay Per Click Service  v.1.0

Hope you are doing well. Here is happy news for you. We are offering Lead Generation Services for this month on special offer with affordable price and this service will be continue for a long term for this month clients.

Also we have an expertise ...

Belle's Beauty Boutique  v.3 2

In the 'Belle's Beauty Boutique' game, Bell is finally opening her dream beauty boutique. Of course, you'll be representing Bell in this game and your mission is to succeed in this adventure, keeping the customers happy and making the most profits you ...

A Complete Pay-per-Click Marketing Guide  v.1.0

The ebook is the most complete guide to pay-per-click advertising. Learn how to create efficient campaigns, decrease your marketing costs and increase your sales and revenue. The book teach you:

* How to plan and execute a PPC campaign
* ...

Miles Per Dollar Calculator  v.0.2

Miles Per Dollar Calculator is a Firefox addon, can calculate the estimated price for gas for the distance in miles selected on a page. MPG and gas price are set in the add-on Preferences.
When you select (highlight) with mouse distance to drive (ex: ...

Miles Per Gallon  v.

Track the miles per gallon of your car every time you fill-up with fuel. Simply add the odometer reading, and the amount of fuel you put into your car and the app will calculate the overall average miles per gallon, as well as since the last fill-up.

Motivazione, la Chiave per il Successo  v.

Scoprire la chiave del successo è fondamentale per vivere appieno la propria esistenza. Perché alcune persone ottengono risultati eccellenti per un periodo di tempo limitato mentre altre riescono a farlo per tutta la vita? Qual è la chiave che mette ...

La Belle au Bois Dormant  v.

*** Un baiser d´amour peut-il réellement briser un mauvais sort ? ***
La Belle au Bois Dormant est sans aucun doute l´histoire la plus populaire à travers le monde. Cette histoire est pleine de magie, de tendresse et d´enchantements, avec son ...

I Segreti per Parlare in Pubblico  v.

Scopri le tattiche per porti in maniera giusta di fronte al tuo pubblico e scopri come colpire con il tuo messaggio. Cosa serve per comunicare bene? Innanzitutto bisogna conoscere gli elementi universali della comunicazione, i fattori cioA?, che sono ...

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