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Zorcher  v.

Zorcher is a Forefox plugin, selecting a small text on the page do not need to copy it into the search bar of your browser or search engine. Just press the right mouse button and select the search service from the available list.

Zoom Page  v.1.9

Zoom Page is a Firefox extension, zooms 'Full page' or 'Text only' using two buttons in status bar. Reset zoom level by clicking percentage display. Change zoom mode ('Full page' or 'Text Only') by right-clicking percentage display.

Zippy Extension Packager  v.6

Zippy Extension Packager is a Firefox addon for creating XPI files, it can create XPI packages of the extensions you have installed. It adds a Create XPI menu item to your extension manager, and packages your files into the XPI format. (To use,

Yellow-Urlbar  v.0.1.2

Yellow-Urlbar is a Firefox addon, it hightlights the URL bar if a HTTPS connection is detected. Its very lighweight and does what it should, improves htpps sites visibility status like in Firefox 2.0.Requirements: *

Yahoo! Mail Watcher for Firefox  v.1.48

Securely check your Yahoo! Mail inbox while using Firefox. Yahoo! Mail Watcher for Firefox watch for your new inbox Yahoo! Mail and report to you in status-bar. Check Yahoo! Mail at specific interval. Neither username nor password is need.

XPad  v.1.0.0

xPad is a Firefox extension, enable you to take notes directly in your browser. It is a simple scratchpad where you can save notes, to-do lists, URLs, etc. Put the mouse cursor over toolbar button and use mouse scroll to change size.Requirements: *

XCalendar  v.1.0

xCalendar is a Firefox add-on, it can display a calendar on top of the status bar. It makes easier to schedule meetings. Click on the xCalendar icon in the statusbar to open and close the calendar. Its that simple!Requirements: *

Widgetify  v.0.1

Widgetify is a Firefox extension, enable you to widgetify web pages just by clicking on the page icon in the add-on bar! Widgetify will make the page into a top-level window of the correct size. View webpages in a different way with this extension.

Web Cache View Plus  v.1.9m1

Web Cache View Plus is a Firefox addon, allows you to restore page from web cache (Google, Coral or WA), e.g. in case page is not avaliable at the moment. This version of "Web Cache View" has some compability with Bartab. Web Cache View Plus displays

View Source for Firefox  v.2.0

View Source for Firefox is Firefox extension, shows all HTML frames, javascript, images en CSS. You can also view the servers response headers, and all links on the webpage.Requirements: * Firefox *

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