Software Developed by

Testzilla  v.0.6.2

This software is a "drop-in" addition to Bugzilla to add a test-plan / test-tracking functionality that does versioning of Testplans, recording of tests.

Tenes Empanadas Graciela  v.0.11.2

Tenes Empanadas Graciela (TEG) is a clone of 'Plan Tactico y Estrategico de la Guerra', which is a pseudo-clone of Risk, a multiplayer turn-based strategy game.

TeleMon - Telenet Usage Monitor  v.1

TeleMon - Telenet Usage Monitor.

TBtransfer  v.1

A file transfer tool for webOS 3.

TA©trominus Rex  v.1.0

Modest Tetris clone with vector graphics inspired by The Grand Master.

Syntainia  v.

View multiple genomes with Syntainia. The objective of this project is to provide an innovative tool for visualization of multiples genomes. Written in Java,

Switch_R3  v.1.0

Play through an excitment of levels with increasing difficulty throughout.

Swarm Stability SIMulator (SS-SIM)  v.0.2.alpha

This project simulates a multi-agent system (swarm) behavior both graphically and not.

SVG_plot  v.11

The SVG_plot C++ library allows, with a few lines of C++ code, to add plotting of data, held in STL containers like vector and map, output as SVG files that can be viewed by all modern browers.

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