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Survey Portlet  v.1.2.2

This is a simple generic survey portlet application for Liferay.

SuperCoder  v.1.0

Used to manually code eye gaze data from digital video files.

Sukiyaki  v.1.1.20111211

Sukiyaki is a BBS imageboard written in Python with a focus on better visual presentation, simpler URLs, relevant features, and better security.

Sudoku Engine  v.1.0

Use basic rule to solve Sudoku, implement push and pop stack to keep track.

Subtitles Converter  v.

Convert subtitles with this tool. Subtitles Converter is as the name states, a simple, easy-to-use, command line based subtitles conversion utility.Features: 1. Supports 66 subtitles formats 2. Unicode/UTF-8 subtitles are supported 3. Allows to

STUN Client and Server  v.0.97

This project implements a simple STUN server and client on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Strlen  v.1.0

What to quickly know the length of a string?

StreamRipStar  v.0.6.2

The development continues on the Git-hub https://github.

Stopwatch Free  v.1.0

Count down or up made easy. Stopwatch for both Count Down and Count Up.Requirements: *

Stop Smoking Calculator and Profiles  v.0.1

A basic stop smoking calculator that uses web technologies (PHP and MySQL) and create a profile for the user visiting the page.

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