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Webfilemanager  v.1.0

Webfilemanger, written in OO-Php, with fulltext retrieval capabilities (just for PDF files at the moment.

WebAccountant (Inactive)  v.0.1alpha

The WebAccountant project is inactive.

Web Tech Tools  v.1.3.4

This is where web developers can get tools that can make their life easier.

Web Rules  v.66

web rules is an powerfully filtering HTTP proxy, and rules how to access the web.

W00t Gallery  v.3b3

PHP Community Image Gallery with easy to use design and extensive functionality.

VsResolver  v.1.0

The Validating Stub Resolver (vsResolver) is a DNS stub resolver that implements the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) specified in RFC 4033, RFC 4034 and RFC 4035.

Voidvector's WoW Addons  v.2006.07.06

This projects includes numerous AddOns for the game World of Warcraft.

Visual xsltproc Debugger  v.32

Visual xsltproc is a tool which help to write xslt file, and debug it to find errors.

Visual Disk Diet  v.1.0

Visual Disk Diet helps you visualize the space used on your drives with a colorful radial tree chart.

VioLet Composer  v.0.55 Alpha

A cross-platform modular multispace desktop music composer. Features realtime wavelet processing, flexible arrangement, extensible sample types, runtime plugin development, ASIO support, out-of-order PCM processing, autosaving and much,

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