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Windows System Information Gatherer  v.1.2.0

Gather system information with this application. Windows System Information Gatherer (WinSIG) aims to be a simple way to gather information from a system to be passed back to technical support.

WikiVis (UM)  v.1.0

This tool provides an interactive visualization of the Wikipedia information space, primarily as a means of navigating the category hierarchy as well as the article network.

Welcomesoft ERP for Joomla, Drupal and L  v.0.1.0

Welcome ERP is an open source enterprise management platform for manufacturing companies.

WebSiteAlert  v.2.1

WebSite-Alert is a web site monitoring system.

Webmms  v.1.0

Webmms is a php frontend to Xmms.

Webfilemanager  v.1.0

Webfilemanger, written in OO-Php, with fulltext retrieval capabilities (just for PDF files at the moment.

WebAccountant (Inactive)  v.0.1alpha

The WebAccountant project is inactive.

Web Tracking Server  v.1.0

A high performance/high availability web tracking server which supports mapping of tracking IDs.

Web Tech Tools  v.1.3.4

This is where web developers can get tools that can make their life easier.

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