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Twisted webdav server  v.1.0

An integration of the PyWebDAV server with twisted.

Tuxguitar-fork  v.1.0

Unofficial tuxguitar playground for application and plugin development.

TundraDraw  v.1.0

TundraDraw is a cross-platform ANSI drawing program written with C++, using the Qt Toolkit.

TTX/FontTools  v.2.3

TTX is a tool to convert OpenType and TrueType fonts to and from XML.

Tthreads  v.rc

tthreads is java library aimed at providing a clean and reliable method of terminating threads.

TTCN-3 Framework for Java Unit Testing  v.1.0

An approach to Java Unit Testing with TTCN3.

Tsunami Programming Language  v.0.124

Tsunami is an open-source high performance computing language.

TSM Monitor  v.

TSM monitor is a web application written in php to help TSM administrators to quickly get reports and health status information of their TSM servers.

Trisale  v.1.0

TRisale, Risale-i Nur KALlliyatA±'nA±n daha rahat okunamasA±na adanmA±Lz bir A§eLzit erisale programA±dA±r.

Tremulous Brazilian Team Projects  v.1.4.1

This page will host every project released by the Brazilian Tremulous Development Team.

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