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Vim4J - VIM fork with a Java AWT GUI  v.0.1.0

Vim4J is a new fork of the Vim code with a GUI implemented in Java AWT code.

VDMJ  v.2.0.1

VDMJ provides basic tool support for the VDM-SL, VDM++ and VDM-RT specification languages, written in Java.

VCMU  v.1 17

Videotron Cable Modem Usage is a freeware utility designed for Videotron internet cable modem customers. It gives them an alternative way of verifying their monthly bandwidth and dial-up usage. It displays the information in graphical form.

VBulletin hangout  v.1.3


Utopia war stats  v.0.41

A help tool for active kingdoms in Utopia.

URG Helper  v.1.0.3

This project introduces sample programs of the URG library.

UnEar  v.1.0.beta1

Explodes (uncompress) a Java EAR file.

UNameIt  v.1.1

Customize Internet filenames with this tool. UNameIt renames files based on nestable sets of rules called macros. It targets Windows and is Lazarus and Free Pascal source code.

UML2TC  v.1.0

Java application for conversion from Astah Professional UML Activity Diagram to Test Cases.

Ultimate Process Killer  v.2.0.2

This software scans the current Process in the computer with the parent file path. You can terminate the process and delete the originating file. This software will help to delete the virus process with Parent virus file which is runing the process.

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