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The Pimp RPG  v.

Have you been on any final RPG fantaties? Well, it's now time to take that experience to the streets. As a concerned citizen you need to find out why the mayor is in hiding and not doing his civic duties. Fight through street thugs,

The Legend of Edgar  v.0.91

The Legend of Edgar is a platform game, not unlike those found on the Amiga and SNES. Edgar must battle his way across the world, solving puzzles and defeating strong enemies to achieve his quest.The story:


Wizard's Choice V4  v.

This is the fourth installment of the Wizard's Choice series. To start at the beginning, get the FREE Wizard's Choice Volume 1 on the Marketplace. Just search on "Wizard's Choice" to see the whole collection. This game book picks up where you left

Dungeon Stalker 2 - FREE  v.

New in Version 1.3!! - The market has come to Bunhat! Get your gold ready for some serious gear shopping! - Added a slight delay to game messages so that they are not dismissed by mistake - Nymroth has now some spare condensed essence you can buy if

DiceEmulator  v.

A tool to help gamers of role playing games like Cyberpunk or Dungeons & Dragons; the types of dice that the emulator can throw are d2, d3, d4, d5, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20,

DicerTen  v.

Simulate a die of

Endless Space  v.1.0

Endless Space is a "space-explorer" game. You fly around the universe in search of other planets to collect materials from. You can gain levels, fight other ships, and land on planets.

Cosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor  v.1.0

Cosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor is the third part of Cosmos Quest series. The first two games are available for free download Cosmos Quest III:

MTG Scorekeeper  v.

MTG Scorekeeper allows up to 6 players to keep track of their life counters when playing Magic The Gathering™. A D20 dice roll is also available when needed during game play.

Jigsaw Fun: Relaxing Scenes Edition  v.1.0

Play 25 different jigsaws ranging from easy up to tough 192 piece jigsaws. There are a variety of different scenes from countryside views and rivers to sunsets and beaches. There are no time limits within the game.

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