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Ivanche Liner  v.1.0.23

Fill more cells with your color than your opponent to win. You can play against the computer or another person. The game has three difficulty levels - easy, normal and hard. It also has four sizes of field - 15x10, 20x15,

The Warden Dojo  v.

The Warden Dojo is not a game, but a mobile training application. If you play a Warden class character in the online game LOTRO, you will find it very useful in learning the numerous gambits available to your character.


Torchbear  v.

Torchbear is a new location based social game that brings people from all over the world together in a very unique way. The easiest way to describe torchbear is to compare it to how the olympic flame or torch is passed from person to person, nation

Dungeon Stalker 2  v.

New in Version 1.3.1!! - The market has come to Bunhat! Get your gold ready for some serious gear shopping! - Added a slight delay to game messages so that they are not dismissed by mistake - Nymroth has now some spare condensed essence you can buy

DicerFour  v.

Simulate launch of a die of

Tower of Ordal  v.

Tower of Ordal is a dungeon crawler where you explore a labyrinth, look for treasures and fight monsters.

Avalon  v.1.5.0

Travel to Avalon. This logic game trains the brains,

Dragon's Blade DX  v.

Dragon's Blade is a turn-based, top-down RPG exclusively for Windows Phone and is the only RPG to include online play and chat. If you enjoyed Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Zelda, and other classic console RPGs of the 80's and 90's, you'll love

Legends Of Descent  v.

Legends of Descent is a dungeon crawler style action RPG game where you player the part of a dwarf who’s city has been destroyed by some unknown enemy. You must fight your way through endless dungeons, slaying monsters, reaping loot,

TOR Timers  v.

Keep track of your Companion missions and get a Notification when they are done. Easily reuse your last settings by clicking on the Timer and Saving it again. This is a simple Timer App designed around TOR and becomes very useful if you have

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