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DX  v.

Roll any type of standard RPG die with this utility app. Options are + coin + d3 + d4 + d6 + d8 + d10 + d12 + d20 +

BroDice  v.

Hey bro, I heard you like dice. Well this app's got 'em. D6s, D20s. You could roll all sorts of crazy dice. Need to store different combos? Yup, BroDice can handle that.


The Fall of Gods Free  v.

Free Version with only one dungeon. Full Version only 0.99 Inspired by Great Action-RPG you used to play on 16-bit console (Zelda, Secret of Mana). Collect & swap items, fight with many weapons, cast spells, wear armors, do rafting, find out hidden

Only In Your Memories  v.1.2

This was my entry for the 120 hour Mini-RPG competition on The Daily Click

Ultimate Dice Roller  v.

The fresh new Dice Roller on the market has arrived! Features: - Nice and fluid Metro UI - Huge button to roll right under your finger! - Roll result will never be in some unexpected place anymore. Any feedback and reviews are highly appreciated.

DnD_CharGenerator  v.

A tool to help dungeon master (game:

Heroes Legend  v.

in this game you play a hero, your objective is to kill Monsters up your level, change your equipment,get more and more money,To complete various tasks,well hero are you ready?

Wizard's Choice (Complete and FREE)  v.

*** Chapter 5 shipped! *** *** Update 3.2 typo fixes and minor bug fixes. Chapter 6 is on the way! *** *** Update 3.1 fixes a crashing bug *** This is the COMPLETE Wizard's Choice trilogy packaged into one FREE download! Get it now while it’s

League Newser  v.

This app will allow you to quickly navigate in some league-of-legends related content, such as general news about the games, the latest patch notes,

Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars  v.1.0.1

This program is a third-person 3D action game with RPG elements for PC. The game is placed in a fantasy world and divided into 15 maps. The player can choose between 2 characters. Each character has unique weapons and special capabilities.

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