Windows - Remote Computing


AstroView  v.1.81

Have you ever wanted one internet software that could do it all? Well, that's what our program does. You can transfer files, have voice conversations, instant message, collaborate on a chalk-board,

File4ward  v.3.0.57

Get the files you need remotely. This small software sits on the computer you want to access and connects to the File4ward service. Just log in using any browser and find the file you need on your PC. It uses secure password management,


Wake On LAN  v.2.00.2 Build 5

Wake On LAN is an easy-to-use, simple tool designed to offer users a convenient wake on LAN and shutdown software. Wake On LAN Features: 1. Wake Up remote machines 2. Shutdown Windows machines 3. Schedule wake ups, shutdowns (Vista or higher) 4.

Net Cruiser  v.2.1 Build 1224

Easily control any remote desktop. Net Cruiser is a remote control software for windows platform. It is a strong tool which allows users to manage and work on many remote computers in a single station.

XenViewer  v.1.1.135

XenViewer is a convenient remote access tool. It allows you to quickly, easily, and securely access the Guest OSs on your XenServer system from outside your network. No VPN required. XenViewer Features: 1. Access your XenServer Guest OSs without

TurboSupport  v.4.4.1 Build 3.0.233

TurboSupport is a collaborative remote support system. The client-server architecture requires Internet connectivity for its operation. In TurboSupport, a support session is called a meeting.Here are a couple of constraints: 1. There is only one host

CsWol  v.1.0

CsWol can help you to wake your network computers remotely,

HomeSeer Home Automation  v.

This program is a home automation and remote access program package that is designed to integrate the major systems of any home. You can control and monitor lighting, appliances, security, HVAC, telephone and home theater all from one central point.

RemoteDesktopHistoryEditor  v.

Edit remote desktop client data with this tool. With RemoteDesktopHistoryEditor, you can edit all data, which the remote desktop client stores in the registry. You can also erase all saved data (history) with one click. Features: * Edit RDP (Remote

IDX Tuneller  v.1.0

iDX Tuneller can help you to get SSH access via your PC to

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