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Radmin Viewer  v.3.5

Free Tool for Remote Hardware Management of computers based on the Intel vPro platform over Internet or LAN. Performs Remote Turn On, Cold Reboot, BIOS Remote Control, Network Boot of the remote computer with Intel AMT (Active Management Technology).

Multiple RDP launcher  v.1.0

Launch RDP on multiple PCs with this application. If you are a tech and occasionally use MSTSC to RDP to a number of servers at the same time, then you might find RDPr useful. It allows you to group together sets of machines,


WWWinamp  v.4.0.0 Alpha 13

WWWinamp is a simple web server-like software that allows remote control of Winamp via any web browser. WWWinamp manages a database of files and/or URLs that can be queued into a running Winamp. WWWinamp supports most standard web browsers,

Synergy  v.1.4.9 beta

Synergy is an open-source program that enables you to share a single mouse and keyboard with multiple other machines that are connected via a TCP/IP network.

Free Remote Dialer  v.4

Remote Dialer will give you the capability to control your modem from ramote computer such

Im InTouch  v.8.2

I`m InTouch provides browser based remote control and access of your desktop PC using any wireless device or computer with an Internet connection. By using any web browser, and logging in to the password protected interface,

Yakamoz  v.1.0 Beta

Yakamoz is automation software. Control your computer using TV remote control. With Yakamoz and an IR receiver (IgorPlug-USB) you can control your computer with almost any infrared remote control (e.g. a TV remote control).

Remote Master  v.1.0.2

Remote Master is a utility for remote computer management on Windows platform. The software allows to configure a lot of system parameters of remote servers and workstations without any additional program installation on client computers.

AdminDeviceLan  v.2.0

AdminDeviceLan blocks work of devices on workstations of a computer network. AdminDeviceLan is a useful program that helps admins prevent unattended installations and program usage on remote computers from the same network. The main functions of

NTRsupport Pro  v.1.0

NTRsupport Pro is an easy to use remote support solution designed for individuals. This online remote support tool gives you all you need for fast, comprehensive problem resolution from anywhere.Instant remote support that works from anywhere you do.

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