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MessengerShield  v.1.0.1

This software allows you to block spam in message

Pop-Up No-No!  v.2.1

This software blocks pop-up ads, pop-under ads, multimedia Flash ads, messenger service ads, background sounds and GIF animations. The software supports Internet hotkey quick searches, and you can run statistics information.


IP Messenger Spam Blocker  v.3.5

This software provides one-click protection against IP messenger pop-up ads. IP Messenger Spam Blocker prevents IP messages from appearing on your machine. One click and your system is automatically protected. Direct IP messaging is the newest form

TrueBlock  v.1.1

This software blocks pop-up ads as you surf the

ADBeGone PopUp Killer  v.1.20

This software prevents pop-ups from opening as you surf the Internet. It connects directly to Internet Explorer and works in the background. It allows pop-ups from sites you use that require them,

MSN AddsBlocker  v.1.0

MSN AddsBlocker can block and unblock Ads in Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. Ads are the most annoying things in all messengers especially in Window Live Messenger,

PAL Popup Eliminator  v.1.01

This program is a popup killer for Internet Explorer, Netscape and Mozilla.

QuikShield  v.1.0

This software protects your privacy on the Internet in several ways. First, it blocks all pop-up Internet windows that seem to appear at random everywhere you go on the Web. Second, it gives you the capability to instantly hide all the Web, AOL,

AdSubtract  v.3.06

This software blocks popups and pop-unders. Intelligent filtering allows wanted popups to open. Banner ads of all sizes vanish. Multimedia ads get stopped. Search Sanity blocks paid search ads, giving you relevant search results.

FilterGate Free PopupFilter  v.5.21

PopupFilter is a free, fully functional version of the PopupFilter module from the popular FilterGate suite. PopupFilter blocks all forms of pop-ups and pop-unders, including intrusive Messenger Service ads and the new Flash-animation pop-ups.

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