Windows - Newsreaders


ESobi  v.

eSobi is an Internet information management tool with News Reader, Multimedia Podcast, Internet Search and Information Library functions. It also comes with 15 language interface selections, 24 regional default channels, and Resource Center.

ESobi Mobile for WinMobile  v.

eSobi Mobile - News Reader, Podcast Reader, and Synched Folder; let you enjoy, manage, and to-go favorite RSS news, multimedia podcast, and personal news archive from eSobi PC to your mobile device.


Volumail  v.2.0

Volumail is a must-have program for mass mail marketing designed with a special attention to every single detail of this delicate task.Volumail Features: 1. e-mail personalization 2. Contacts filter 3. Contacts groups 4. Rich HTML editor 5. Messages

Multiemail PE  v.5

This mass mailing program has six built-in databases, and it is designed to be a spam-free tool. It automates your business mailings and sends thousands of customized messages per hour. Filters allow you to send messages to specified addresses,

Agent  v.4.1

This fully-integrated USENET and Email tool supports yEnc, MIME and UUEncoding, and multiple servers. It handles binaries and offers custom folders, filtering, kill and watch lists, and cross-post management. Agent 3.

Mail Broadcaster  v.

Software for sending large number of individuated HTML email messages. Mail Broadcaster is a very powerful marketing tool for you and your business. Use Mail Broadcaster for emailing your own created messages to a list of email addresses,

TIFNY  v.5.03

Tifny is a comprehensive search tool for USENET newsgroups. The software learns from past usage and utilizes that knowledge to improve the quality of your experience. It combines a newsreader and a picture thumbnailer into one application.

Xnews  v.2006.08.24

Internet has already gone deep into our life and work and surfing on-line everyday has become a habit of us. I am a web fan too and my best interest is read news on Internet. However, to look for news I have to visit a lot of web sites.

RollingHeads  v.2.02

RollingHeads is a general purpose tool to find and organize today's news. It's easy-to-use and will keep you informed. With an extensive list of news sources, RollingHeads locates and organizes the major topics for the day.

Rendez  v.3.1

Rendez-vous is useful for such varied enterprises as hair dressers, lawyers and accountants. Invoices as a result of appointments can be prepared. Mailings to selected customers can be made.

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