Veno Occlusive Disease


DDT (Digital Disease Terminator)  v.

DDT (Digital Disease Terminator) is a highly configurable, flexible and easy-to-use software capable of running multiple, 3rd party anti-virus/antimalware scanners. Typically these programs would be console applications able to accept file and folder ...

Interstitial Lung Disease Evaluation

MedicalTemplates has developed a interstitial lung disease evaluation medical note template. This template is suitable for any health care provider who may evaluate a patient with interstitial lung disease. Interstitial Lung Disease (ILD) is a diverse ...


Disease and Its Causes  v.

In William Thomas Councilman's Disease and Its Causes, disease is portrayed as life under conditions which differ from the usual. Most attention has been given to the infectious diseases and their causes. This not only because these diseases are the most ...

Disease Gene Profiler  v.1.0.2

Disease Gene Profiler (DGP) comprises of a set of (bioinformatics) tools that can be used to identify the genes underlying susceptibility to common multifactorial diseases (such as diabetes, asthma and cancer) using freely available datasources.

Simple Disease Tracking for Daycares  v.20090716

Simple Disease Tracking for Daycares is a web application designed to assist and promote the provider's documentation of illnesses in a childcare setting.

Gene-Disease Discovery  v.1.0

Gene-Disease Discovery helps biomedical researchers in interpreting complex experiments by automatically discovering novel gene disease associations that usually are extracted manually using existing tools.Requirements:
* Java ...

Natural Healing  v.6.8

Registration provides full access to all listings, plus numerous Charts (Color Therapy, basic First Aid, Food and Body pH, Nutrient Depleters, Foot Reflexology), Remedy Databanks (Immune System, Parasites, Phytochemicals, Rejuvenation, Tonics), Diagnostic Aids, and over 60+ pages of text on Disease Development causes ...

DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub  v.4.0.4

Diagnosis is the process of determining which disease or health condition explains a person's test results and symptoms.

DDxHub Differential Diagnosis Hub System distinguishing of a particular health condition from others that present similar ...

Acne Free The Natural Way

Acne is a skin disease caused by an inflamation of the sebaceous glands. The sebum mixes with dead cells on the surface of the skin, clogging the pores. The major contributing factors are processed foods and the excess of sugar and milk.

MB Diabetes Risk Calculator

MB Diabetes Risk Calculator helps you understand this disease better and take precaution on time. This software makes you understand better about the symptoms of diabetes so that you can take timely action.

Acid Alkaline Diet Information

WARNING: Don't Start Any Alkaline Diet Until You Hear This: Learn the rules of alkaline dieting: # Say good-bye to low energy, poor digestion, extra pounds, aches and pains, and disease. # Say hello to renewed vigor, mental clarity, better over-all health, ...


Diabetes is a serious disease. As a type 1 diabetic, and have been for 29 years, I have experienced many problems. My diabetes seemed to be uncontrollable regardless of what I did. For the last year I have had the insulin pump and I am doing much better.

Nesmith Medical Records

Many common conditions,such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
mental illness, osteoporosis, birth defects, and memory loss are passed down through families.

Elizabeth Find MD: Diagnosis Mystery

Analyze the disease in labs, collect clues, and analyze symptoms to save lives in Elizabeth Find, M.D.: Diagnosis Mystery!

Health Checker Software

Disease is broadly referred to as a social problem, abnormal condition or disability caused to human being. It`s hard to describe each and every disease separately, so here is Innovative software which guide for all kinds of diseases. This is the perfect ...

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