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Simply Alarming  v.

Simply Alarming is a very easy-to-use alarm software that can alert you at a specific clock time or when a timer expires. You can customize the messages that are displayed as well as the alarm sound. You can also flash the Scroll/Num Lock key lights.

Process Liquidator  v.

Process Liquidator runs quietly in the System Tray, always there when you need it. Click the tray icon to display a list of Windows processes, then click the name of the process you want to terminate. Simple!

KillBox  v.

KillBox is a tiny software that will Logoff, Suspend, Shutdown, Hibernate or Reboot your computer based on the triggers you choose.KillBox Features: 1. portable! no installation necessary 2. Perform selected action (Logoff, Suspend, etc.) according

DDT (Digital Disease Terminator)  v.

DDT (Digital Disease Terminator) is a highly configurable, flexible and easy-to-use software capable of running multiple, 3rd party anti-virus/antimalware scanners.

AutoClip Mini  v.

AutoClip Mini (ACM) is a trimmed down version of AutoClipX. Although ACM is even easier to use, it is not as feature rich as AutoClipX. For a comparison of these programs, please see the AutoClip Mini web page.

AutoBacker  v.

AutoBacker does what many of us are too lazy to do: backup important data automatically. It is a simple utility used to create copies of important files and folders in order to prevent an unexpected loss of data.

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