Heart Disease Information


Nesmith Medical Records

Your family's medical history holds
important information about your own health. Many common conditions,such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes,
mental illness, osteoporosis, birth defects, and memory loss are passed down through families.

The Life Ahead Program  v.1.0

A user first enters information about exercise, diet, and other habits. Also a variety of health measurements are asked that can be helpful if available. The program then develops the WELL-DAYS, or the number of future days alive and free of major disease ...


Koohg  v.1.1

com | Shock | Chelation | Heart Disease ...

Strategram  v.1.1

com | Shock | Chelation | Heart Disease ...

MB Heart Attack Risk Calculator

MB Free Heart Attack Risk Calculator is a simple health software with an easy to use interface. The program is designed to calculate the risk of a person suffering from a heart attack in the next ten years depending on various factors.

Heart Design Plugin  v.15.5

Heart Plugin for Illustrator CS4 CS3 CS2 12 CS1 11 10- Powerful heart designs plugin tool- Sketch / hand drawn Illustrations heart feature- Drop shadows / color features- Pattern / tiling- Packed with randomization / experimentation features- Many presets ...

HA Heart Attack Puzzle  v.1

Solve puzzle and learn about your heart ...

HA Heart Puzzle  v.1

Solve the puzzle to reveal hearts ...

Health-Minder  v.2.45

Health-Minder program is a Family Health Information Manager for Windows that organizes personal and pet medical records and helps you learn new ways to monitor family health.Health professionals advise keeping health records of personal and family health ...

MB Health Suite I

MB Health Suite I consists of Calorie Calculator, Diabetes Risk Calculator, Cholesterol Risk Calculator & Heart Attack Risk Calculator calculators. These tools are indicative of standards that need to be maintained for a healthy loving.

Chelation  v.1.0

Toolbar helps find site information and helps with customers questions about oral and iv chelation. Also helps with info about heart disease stroke and metiods of dealing with this kind of disease. Can keep customers up to date on health news and the ...

CardioChek Link  v.3.0

CardioChek Link is a very useful software, easy to manipulate.
It is also easy to install.
You have to complete two sections. In the first one, you have to enter the appropriate provider name, e.g. the name of the medical practice, or the ...

Nopills  v.7.0.9

There's no doubt about it: Whole foods have serious health links. NOPILLS' manipulated data on natural (and processed) foods, using government-stipulated RDIs (Recommended Daily Intakes) or custom targets, will vastly simplify the task of using Nature's ...

HA-YBH  v.1

Solve puzzle to see blocked heart ...

OpenAnalyser  v.

It stores every piece of information created in the analysis and
allows to perform operations on them. The Workspace-Window provides an overview of the log entries that have been created and processed. The table contains three columns, namely "Description" ...

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