The Santa Clause


The Santa Claus screensaver

The latest 3D animated Christmas screensaver features Santas workshop with elves sorting mail, making toys, and warming by the fireplace, 3D train powered by one squirrel power, fully 3D animated reindeer, Santa Claus visiting homes and leaving gifts, ...

Bobby The Santa  v.3.9

In Santa Bobby, you're playing a cheerful monster named Bobby. Your task is to toss

him around however possible. When flying, use ice cream and fireworks
gifts to destroy homes, Christmas trees and snowmen below.

The game has ...


Free 3D Santa Screensaver

Christmas is near! Decorate your desktop with our Free 3D Santa Screensaver and feel the holiday spirit coming out of your monitor. Snowflakes falling outside, a Christmas tree, a lighting candle and a clockwork toy - Santa Clause on a windowsill will ...

Kill That Santa  v.2.0

The Christmas is coming up! You are waiting for Santa to drop true chimney and bring you some presents. But you quickly find out that this is not the Santa you were expecting. This old fart has only one thing in mind. And that is to get in your mothers ...

Santa's Lines  v.

Here comes the Santa's Edition of the most popular BUBBLE LINES game for your phone!
Packed with beautiful Holiday graphics, excellent game-play and new features such as color-matching "SMILEY" balls and "BOMBS" to make the Classic ...

Ski Santa  v.

Waiting for the Santa Claus?

Help him to ski through the woods!

Control Santa by tilting the phone.
Try not to crash into the trees.
Get additional points for skiing between trees.

Happy New Year!

Santa Claus Hat Icons  v.1.0

Santa Claus Hat Icons are five emoticon icons inspired by the Santa Claus hat. Fast Icon - High Quality Custom Icon Design.


santa television videos of santa claus father Christmas in lapland in inland. unique santa clause video collection. Christmas decorations outdoors t night, bampw stock photo by retrofile. fotosearch stock photography and stock footage helps you find ...

LiveSantaPhotos  v.

Take pictures of you and Santa Claus like he was there!

You can actually see Santa Claus on your phone's screen before taking the picture, move him around, resize or rotate his figure.

You can choose from different Santa Clause's and ...

Voyage of Columbus 3D Screensaver

You will see a superbly-detailed scene with three ships, the Santa Maria, the Pinta and the Nina with Columbus and marines aboard. Thanks to accurate physics, everything looks and behaves in much the same way as it would in real life. Changing daytime ...

Xmas Heart  v.

To operate the Santa, please collect a lot of heart. Operation is done in the flick.

Happy Xmas Game  v.

00 - Trial available


The Santa Claus is in trouble to deliver the gifts to the kids.

Some angry clouds that launch some storms and lightning to the Santa, are delaying the deliver.

Santa has some magic weapon that ...

Christmas At The NorthPole (Full)  v.1.0

It features a scene in the North Pole, showing Santa Claus getting ready to start delivering gifts in all the world. You can see Santa stuffing his sack while his gnomes feed the reindeer and build toys. A file of toy soldiers will march through the ...

Santa Ride! 2  v.1 4

Santa Ride! 2 1.4 is a game where you must help Santa Claus to deliver gifts.

It's Christmas' Eve. Santa Claus needs your help to deliver the gifts to the children in a small town.

You must try to avoid to keep them waiting, or they ...

Definite Clause Deduction  v.4.2.8

Definite Clause Deduction demonstrate various deduction algorithms, from the SLD resolution used by Prolog to the user manually unifying clauses.Every representation and reasoning system needs a proof procedure in order to be complete. The purpose of ...

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